Defense, Offense, and 2010 SEASON!

Ok, this is my 1st post since I've been a member so please let me know how I have done.



Ok, not much is going to be said here on my part. We were dominant at stopping the running game last year. Our pass defense was not so much on par, but with the moves we made in the Draft and Off-season signings, I'd say we have almost, if not, solidified our defense as a whole. I expect us to be a Top 5, if not then Top 10, defense this season.

The Vikings game was a desperation throw that was made possible by an exceptional WR and catch. The Colts game required a trick play to even beat us. Their offense could not get anything going. The rest that we lost by close points were product of the offense.



Our Offense was not spectacular by any means last year, but we did have spectacular moments. The Frank Gore break away runs, the beautiful passes by Alex Smith, and the exceptional catches and yards after by the WR's/TE's. The aquisition of Iupati and Davis, I believe, has given our O-Line a much needed boost and help to the running and passing game. I see our pocket holding and running lanes opening up by a lot this year. Alex Smith has improved and will continue to do so, especially since we have the same offensive coordinator from last season which is something Smith has yet to have. Gore, Dixon, and Coffee will have a great season.  Seeing as that gore has only improved his speed and ran for over 1000 yrds last year despite a good offensive line has a lot to say about him. Anthony Dixion is a monster RB and a good back up to Gore. The same goes for Coffee. Our WR core is pretty good and the same goes for our TE's. predictions for the 2010 season. Again, this is my 1st post and please let me know how it is.



Sep 12

SF @ SEA                  W (Have to redeem the late lost to the SeaGulls from last season)


Sep 20

NO @ SF                    L (Just a solid all around team, but I have hope since it is @ home!)


Sep 26

SF @ KC                    W (The moves they made this Offseason were scary, but we can pull off a win)


Oct 03

SF @ ATL                   W (The bad taste from last year is still fresh)


Oct 10

PHI @ SF                    L (No more McNabb is great news, but we cant seem to beat em')


Oct 17

OAK @ SF                   W (Good moves in the Draft and Offseason, but still not good enough)


Oct 24

SF @ CAR                   W (Easy win, even with Clausen and Pike on the roster)


Oct 31

DEN @ SF                   W (I hope they start Teboy and they injure him)




Nov 14

STL @ SF                     W (Still same old STL, but improving rapidly)


Nov 21

TB @ SF                       W (No Comment)


Nov 29

SF @ ARI                      W (Even with Warner we beat them, they lost a lot of good players)


Dec 05

SF @ GB                       L (The Packers have always been a thorn in our side)


Dec 12

SEA @ SF                      W (No Comment)


Dec 16

SF @ SD                         L (Still a solid team and they possibly outplay us)


Dec 26

SF @ STL                       W (No Comment)


Jan 02

ARI @ SF                        W (No Comment)



I'm no "Professional Analyst", but the way things looked last season (should have been 11-5) and how things are looking this season, this is what i THINK and HOPE will happen.

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