Looking at next year cuz I'm bored LOL


Ok this is majorly because I’m bored and it’s the Off season doldrums. So I thought I’d toss this out there as far as a look at possible pick ups for the 9ers for next year's draft.

I know this is way too early but hey what the heck and it’ll be a big WIP (Work In Progress). I see the 9ers looking realistically (ok with perhaps a bit of trying on of those rose colored glasses) as being able to make the SB in say 2013 to 2014. And to keep my sometimes bored brain busy I like to work out how we could get there. So anyway here goes. Let me put up the premises I’m going off of as far as probable needs on the team.

First off, though some might disagree I think the Alex will have a good to great season this year. He’ll have more time to get used to being “the man” and also more time to get accustomed with Crabs. I also think our WR group are ok, not perfect but ok. Crabs I have a lot of faith in and I have tentative faith in Morgan on down. That doesn’t mean I don’t want some more firepower on that front but I don’t think the need is or will be worth too high of a pick. Our RB situation should be pretty good and I look at either Dixon (admittedly my hope) or Coffee comes up as the solid number two RB (and possible future) as we go into next years draft and we will be looking for more of a change of pace runner. Our line seems to be setting up pretty good and I think we can wait till the year after to start looking for an heir to Heitmann.


Now on D we have our biggest worries at CB, NT (needing backup and possible replacement for Franklin depending on how that works out.) and more rush capability at both the DE and OLB positions. Bowman I feel (at the moment) will do fine as the guy to replace TKO so ILB is ok and actually pretty nice with the two of them.


I’m imagining in our future that we will go at worst 9-7 and really thinking probably more 10-6 or higher so that should put us in the early to mid 20’s as a pick. A lot of places have us at 21st in their mock so we’ll go around there. And here’s what we have currently as our draft picks available:

Rd 1, Rd 2, Rd 3, Rd 4, Rd 4 (from Chargers), Rd 5, Rd 5 (I’m guessing this compensatory, you smarter guys correct me if I’m wrong.) Rd 6, Rd 7 (trade of Shaun Hill), Rd 7 (ours)


That’s 10 picks to play with and let’s see what we can do with them.

Round 1Reasoning: Though our DB situation is ok, it’s not great, we are a bit long in the tooth here and I think the general consensus is that it is our biggest need going into the offseason. Options: (Remember we’re probably picking 21-25) Curtis Brown, Texas, with a possibility of having a chance at Ras-I Dowling, Virginia or Aaron Williams, Texas. I want to get someone with some height and size and hopefully a bit of speed here.

Round 2Reasoning: Ok we need to go for something to add to our rush, also we need to look at keeping up our D-Line. Love me some Justin but he is getting up there in years and we need to have someone other than him that makes the QB shake a bit when they see them on the line. Options: Cameron Jordan, Cal, Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson, Derek Wolfe, Cincinnati.

Round 3Reasoning: Love me some Brooks and I hope that the others pick it up as well but I’d like a bit more rush on our LB front. So looking around for a rush LB is what is looked at here. Options: Jonathan Freeny, Rutgers, Dontay Moch, Nevada (possibly Kenny Rowe, Oregon but not sure he makes it down this far.)

Round 4Reasoning: I’d really like us to have someone that’s a worry as far as COP for our RB corps. This would be a good place to pick one up. Someone with some speed and outside run ability. Options: Derick Locke, Kentucky, Darell Scott Maryland, Jeff Demps, Florida.

Round 4- Reasoning: Yes we have Franklin or think we do but he’s Franchised this year and is not all that happy about it. RJF has been getting some play at the NT position and I am holding out high hopes for him but not laying all the chips in the middle of the table betting on it. We need some backup at NT. Options: Kendall Ellis, Hampton, Anthony Gray, Southern Miss, Phil Taylor, Baylor

Round 5Reasoning: Here’s where we (I feel) pick up some more depth at WR. We have Crabs, Morgan, Williams, and Ginn but let’s get a big body to slash with as well. Options: Armin Binns, Cincinatti, Leonard Hankerson, Miami, Cecil Shorts, Mount Union (with a secret wish to get DeAndre Brown, Southern Miss)

Round 5Reasoning: (Ok this is my imagined compensatory pick) If we can get another pickup at DE or DT/NT here this would be great for depth. Options: DT/NT Anthony Gray, Southern Miss (if he drops this far), DE Christian Ballard, Iowa (again if he perchance drops this far).

Round 6Reasoning: Ok Joe Nedney is a great kicker but he’s a bit long in the tooth and we need to look for a replacement to groom. Options: Kai Forbath, UCLA

Rd 7 picks: both just go BPA

 So hopefully this will at least get some conversation going and as I said this is a WIP and will be adjusted thru the seasons (both NFL and College)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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