Conners 2010 Schedule Predictions

This seasons 49ers is easily the most talented in recent years. The offense could actually emerge as a decently highly ranked group, and the defense only got better. Maybe this is the fan inside of me talking, but I think the division is ours to take this season.

Offense Notes- The line this year has huge potential, 4 of the starters are in there mid to early 20's, and Heitmann is a great Center with great size, instincts and experience. I am concerned that the right side of our line will struggle, I love Rachal, but his consistency hasnt been there in his short career, and while Davis has the most potencial out of all of our lineman, he's not even 21 yet, and I dont think his strength or skills are up to par yet. The trio of Vernon, Crabby, and Gore gives Alex plenty of weapons to work with, and Morgan could have a breakout year. While there are still a lot of questions about Alex Smith, there is no doubt he has improved, and this year he has everything he needs to succeed.

Defensive Notes- Our linebacker core is great, the defense liked blitzing with our outside linebackers last year, and dropping the inside back into coverage, Harylson and Lawson are great pass rushers, Willis is the best linebacker in the league, and Spikes has experience and makes plays. I would feel more comfortable with one more DE opposite Smith, but other than that our line is good. In the secondary I like Dashon, and thats about it, Spencer and Clements are great coverage corners, but they both struggle against fast WR's, luckily there arent any good fast WR's inside our division, I am not comfortable with Michael Lewis, he gave up too many big plays last season, had 3 concussions, and doesnt have the agility to cover, I love Taylor Mays but he wont be a major impact player this year.

Special Teams Notes- Great kicker, punter, coverage group, and returners, I have no concerns with this group.

With that said, lets look at our schedule.


Week 1 at Seattle- Living in the Puget Sound area, this is always my favorite game. Seattle this season has a weak offensive line, a quarterback past his prime, a disfunctional defense, and is in transition with a new Head Coach for the second year in a row. I would like to call this a landside win, but after what happened in Seattle last year, I say the 49ers pull a Win 21-14.

Week 2 VS New Orleans- Lets be honest, we do not have a great shot at a win in this game. We lose at home 21-35 bringing us our first Loss.

Week 3 at Kansas City- Unless something crazy I didnt hear about happened, this should be an easy win. The Chiefs have a poor line, 1 good reciever, and a weak defense. the Chiefs will be smothered, and the niners take the Win 28-7.

Week 4 at Atlanta- This game scares me, I have no idea what to expect, on one hand we were destroyed last season by the Falcons, we also have done a lot of improving since then. It could go either way, but I expect it to be about 21-24 for the Loss.

Week 5 VS Philadelphia- I'm not looking forward to this game, the Eagles have a solid defense, a good line, blazing fast WR's, and Kolbs got a nice arm on him. EXpect the Loss with the score 10-28.

Week 6 VS Oakland- While I do think the Raiders are a much improved team this year with something to prove, I do expect a win. Low scoring game 49ers Win 14-10.

Week 7 at Carolina- Carolina does tend to be an on/off type of team, last season they were off, but I dont see how they could turn it around, I think they are weak at the quarterback position, have one good reciever, and a mediocre defense. Look for the Win 21-14.

Week 8 VS Denver- I like a lot of guys on Denver, they are a very high character team, that however does not make them good. The secondary struggles against there faster WR's, but does not give up too many TD's. 49ers Win at home 28-14.

Week 9 Bye Week- This year we have one of the best bye weeks you can get, with much needed rest in the middle of the season.

Week 10 VS Saint Louis- Im going to be blunt, the Rams are not good. Win 28-3.

Week 11 VS Tampa Bay- They are taking steps in the right direction, but they are still rebuilding the franchise. 49ers Win 28-7.

Week 12 at Arizona- The Cardinals lost too many play makers this off season to realistically contend, not to mention we swept them last year when they were much better than they are now. 49ers take the Win 17-10.

Week 13 at Green Bay- Is there a bay in GB? Ive never known. Anyways we match up poorly against the Packers this year, and its the second week in a row we have to travel. 10-24 for the Loss.

Week 14 VS Seattle- We always play better after a loss, and were at home, and its the Seahawks. Count the Win 35-10.

Week 15 at San Diego- The Chargers are on the decline, they are still a tough team though, the defense is too strong in the box, and the passing attack is too much for our secondary. Loss 14-28.

Week 16 at Saint Louis- Once again, not a good team, they are at home though. 49ers Win 24-7.

Week 17 VS Arizona- Same points as before, but were at home. 49ers Win 24-10.

Overall- looking over my predictions we go 11-5, I doubt we win 11 games though, I'll say we go 10-6, give or take a game.

This is my first post on this site, give me some suggestions for future post, thanks everyone.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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