Angry Groceries In A Bag (Fantasy Football)

By now I'm sure that all of you folks are signed up for some sort of fantasy football league (I know I am). But most fantasy players I know don't restrict themselves to only one I'm making my league available to SBnation members.

I'd like it to include fans from different NFL teams so  I’m making this league available to several other people outside of ninersnation.

This pretty much means that you can get in only if you’re really REALLY up for it and will participate all season (as you should for any FF league).
I’m going to manage all the requests slowly so don’t worry if you see this post and think it’s too late.

I want to make sure I have the best/most dedicated FF players I know in the league.

I know most of you so I have a pretty good idea of who's really into fantasy football and whatnot.


I've posted the league specifics after the jump.

12 Teams
4 Divisions
Offensive players only (with Team defenses)
H2H scoring
LIVE draft: Date is TBD later so everyone is accomodated

Free Agency is first come first serve
Draft picks are tradeable
No Trade limit
2 day trade review
Trade deadline: Dec 1,2010
7 votes to veto a trade

Regular season is Week 1-13
Playoffs from week 14-16
(don't use week 17 for championship because of Bill Polian)
6 playoff teams (2 teams have bye week)

9 Starters
    1 QB (4 MAX)
    2 RB (8 MAX)
    2 WR (8 MAX)
    1 RB/WR
    1 TE (3 MAX)
    1 D/ST (3 MAX)
    1 K (3 MAX)
7 Bench slots


20 yds = 1 pt
Passing TD = 6 pts
2pt passing conversion = 2 pts
Interception = -1 pt

10 yds = 1 pt
Rushing TD = 6 pts
2pt rushing conversion = 2 pts
Fumble lost = -1pt

10 yds = 1 pt
Receiving TD = 6 pts
2pt receiving conversion = 2 pts
Fumble lost = -1 pt

Kickoff return TD = 6 pts
Punt return TD = 6 pts
Fumble recovered for TD = 6 pts

PAT = 1 pt
Missed FG = -1 pt
Missed PAT = -1 pt
0-39 yd FG made = 3 pts
40-49 yd FG made = 4 pts
50+ yd FG made = 5 pts

Team Defense/Special Teams
Sack = 3 pts
Fumble return TD = 6 pts
Interception return TD = 6 pts
Blocked punt or FG return TD = 6 pts
Blocked punt, PAT, or FG = 3 pts
Fumble recovered = 2 pts
Fumble forced = 1 pt
Safety = 2 pts
Interception = 4 pts
Allowed 0 pts = 15 pts
Allowed 1-6 pts = 10 pts
Allowed 7-13 pts = 7 pts
Allowed 14-17 pts = 4 pts
Allowed 18-21 pts = 1 pt
Allowed 22-27 pts= 0 pt
Allowed 28-34 pts = -1 pt
Allowed 35-45 pts = -4 pts
Allowed 46+ pts = -7 pts

As you can see it is a heavy scoring based league (I'm not a fan of negative points).

There is very little I'm willing to change about the league at the moment (mainly because it is a format we've used for some time now). I may be convinced to change the trade deadline to another date and stuff like that.


Another important note: It's an ESPN league so its invite only, which means I'll need your e-mail. Don't post it just yet though. I'll try to manage all the requests before I start sending invites.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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