Golden Nuggets: What happened to the links? Lame.

Good morning everyone, Ninajmes here. Just got finished watching UFC 116 and collecting my jaw from the floor where it fell at some point around the time Brock Lesnar took thirty punches from Shane Carwin. I picked it up during the intermission between rounds and then had a hell of a job trying to pick it back up once Brock locked in a submission. Either way, I went nine for eleven on my predictions and made me a bit of money on it in the process. Oh wait, we're a 49ers blog, right? Yeah, I kind of forgot about that... um.. I really don't have a lot for you, but at the very least I'll try and talk about some things. We'll have plenty for you to read here on Niners Nation throughout the day so stay tuned. Enjoy what I've got.

A bit about us 49ers fans having confidence in Alex Smith, with some rankings linked at the end. Either way, it's even more coverage from the national media, which is always nice. I myself am confident in Alex Smith, after bashing him at every turn last year before he started. Presently, I stand corrected. I've never been so stoked to be wrong. (

We've got a link that has the 49ers as possible super bowl contenders. It's focused on betting odds, and I don't agree with the summation at all but it's another link that isn't horribly written. I could always resort to Bleacher Report is you want... nah, I'd never do that. (

Rival Blog Buzz Field Gulls had a bit that I don't have time to read about NBA and Seattle. Revenge Of The Birds has a Caption This post. Nothing from Turf Show Times today.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, we had a post in which our lovable dictator Fooch vented some anger on Dave Razzano, and then we closed off with a post on offensive line rankings. I initially intended for more but I dropped the ball on that one - sorry!

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have a 4th of July post in the morning.

11:00 AM - I'll get a player profile up, probably of Vernon Davis.

2:00 PM - I think I'm done teasing you and you'll get another "At Least We're Not..." post for the afternoon.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Nate Davis is better than Alex Smith had to be said." from these3words. Hey bro? Cool story.

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