Golden Nuggets: Why yes, I do post this late to have a cool title.

Morning everyone, Ninjames here with your Nuggets for the day. How was everyone's hangover yesterday? I didn't really talk about Independence Day because I generally don't do anything. Eager to know how productive you all were yesterday. Anyway, the lack of links continues, and I'm sitting here wishing I can get a rookie signing or something like that so we have something to go on. I mean, the closest we've had is Anthony Davis signing on with a new agent. There's seriously nothing, I think everyone on the 49ers is presently sleeping. So what do I have for you? A link, maybe two - and even then I might stretch it with something unrelated. But I'll do what I do because if I didn't you all would be lost.. without me.. It's like I'm.. some martyr.. Uhh! Sorry. BigBlueShoe got a hold of my keyboard there for a moment. He's your link(s?) folks, enjoy.

Samuel Lam breaks down the 49ers week two opponent, the New Orleans Saints. I really think the 49ers can come away with a win here. (

In this article, Matt Maiocco defends Dave Razzano because the guys are buddies. In all honesty, I didn't read this article, mostly because I don't care what Razzano's viewpoint is - I care about why he wanted his voice heard and the stupid mistakes he made in continuity. (

Here's an interview with Anthony Davis. I have yet to watch the video myself - just unable to at this current time, but it's from a good site so here you go. (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge Of The Birds continues projecting the 53-man roster and Field Gulls has a season retrospective on Max Unger. Nothing from Turf Show Times.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicking us off, albeit a couple minutes late with the Golden Nuggets, we had a post on potential all-pros for the 49ers in 2010, I had a post gauging your confidence on Glen Coffee, and Smileyman had a by the numbers post.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - We'll have a 53-man roster projection on outside linebackers.

11:00 AM - I'll have another confidence post, maybe.

2:00 PM - Get on and find out!

Yesterday's Best Comment "geez this has been the longest off-season ever." by redrum21225. True that.

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