NFL Network's Top 5 Tight Ends

Last night the NFL Network's Solomon Wilcox listed his top 5 tight ends. I present them to you for debate and argument.

5. Tied between Jermichael Finley and Vernon Davis
4. Dallas Clark
3. Jason Witten
2. Antonio Gates
1. Tony Gonzalez

 Join me after the jump as I examine each player's 2009 stats and present my own list.

 Here are each player's 2009 stats

Player Games Played Games Started Catches Total Yards Yards Per Catch Long Number of Tds
Jermichael Finley 13 10 55 676 12.3 62 5
Vernon Davis 16 16 78 965 12.4 73 13
Dallas Clark 16 16 100 1106 11.1 80 10
Jason Witten 16 16 94 1030 11.0 69 2
Tony Gonzalez 16 16 83 867 10.4 27 6
Antonio Gates 16 16 79 1157 14.6 56 8


I have serious issues with these rankings. I don't see how you can put a player who didn't even start a full season as the 5th best tight end in the league while a player who tied the touchdown record for tight ends is also listed as 5th.

If I had to redo the list I'd have them go something like this.

1. Dallas Clark. 100 receptions, 11 yards per catch and the best hands in the game at his position.

2. Antonio Gates. 14.6 yards per catch is incredible. He's not used as much in the redzone as VD is, but he's a dangerous option.

3. Vernon Davis. 12.4 yards per reception is nothing to sneeze at. More chemistry and he should top 1000 yards this season and hopefully hold the TD record by himself.

4. Jason Witten. He's got 1000 yards on the season but he only has two TDs on his resume. A TE who isn't used in goal line situations is lessened in vale in my opinion.

5. Jermichael Finley. Dude has lots of upside. I agree with putting him at number five, but I surely wouldn't put him with Vernon Davis.

5. Tony Gonzalez. Wilcox made a point of saying that this wasn't a lifetime achievement award but I have to disagree. If you actualy look  at his 2009 numbers he's taken a step back from his glory years. Still one of the best in teh business though.

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