A few afterthoughts

Wow I will say I was very impressed with what I saw from the 9ers today, albeit a preseason but there was very much to like all around..... It seems some of the lingering off-season major questions are starting to look more and more like minor problems............Now being a 9er fan and living in Georgia, there remains hardly any fans to talk 9erball with, so with this being said i need a few questions answered......

1. Does anyone think Guillory will win the job, and if he does, does this mean Rye and Singletary have more plans to focus Ginn as primarily a receiver, and use him, more than expected?  From watching (given didn't pay too close attention) but he seems to be handling the duties very well

2. Zeigler, wow he looked good as well, pretty dang good, I have always kept an eye out for him to do pretty good once he got a shot, and he seems to be up to the task...Does anyone see him being our 3? or if not who would be the best option?

3. Loved to see Big Pat blow up that o-line, and AP, and knock Pops in his kisser, is this a sign of things to come with P-Dub focusing a little more on rushing the passer this year?

4. Nate seems to have all the tools, lacking a little accuracy , but the promise and talent is there, if he gets his work ethic does anyone see him moving into that Starting role? not this year of course, but for upcoming seasons

5. What is the deal with Abrayo, anyone have the latest, and if he isn't in this year , does anyone see a suprise performance from another fill in?

6. Can anyone give me an update on the performance of Bowman and Mays? did not get too see much of second half so I am clueless as to how they performed? and what will their roles be this year?

7. Anthony Davis seemed to have picked up a little bit and showed to correct a few mistakes from the game before but still lacked a little  bit...any other opinions or did I not watch to closely?


If you could please answer these questions I would be very thankful, and look forward to reading the comments, thankyou for your time, and patience as I know they could possibly be qestions that have been brought up before


Once again to those who reply thankyou for your opinions and answers, Adios and look forward to the upcoming season with much promise, and success towards this teams playoff run



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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