Golden Nuggets: Perfect Indeed

Good morning everyone. I'm fresh off a pretty great day for the first time in awhile, and I'm feeling good. I'm feeling kind of bad because of the whole Ahmad Brooks situation. I don't want him to miss any time, he's one of our most promising players right now. But the Jerry Rice stuff yesterday was a great thing. I wasn't too big on the whole ceremony or anything in particular that was said but it's a huge honor and it feels good to be a 49ers fan right now. I'm seriously bothered by all of the injuries in camp though. We can't do well this year if everyone is banged up, and I seriously don't want to be making the "everyone is injured..." excuse if we lose some games. Just don't want it to happen. Anyway, enjoy the links. Might be a little bit late

As mentioned, Ahmad Brooks is out with a lacerated kidney... which just sounds nasty, to be honest. (

Jerry Rice's induction day was perfect - best way to put it. (

Here's some notes about day seven of training camp. Liking Boone at this point. (

2-minute drill highlights the 49ers afternoon practice. I'm not getting much chance to read these, folks - so my commentary will be minimal. (

Jean Francois looks to be a mainstay with the 49ers. That would be great if he turned out to be a starting caliber nose tackle.. from the seventh round, no less. (

Anthony Dixon is trying to learn the little things. (

Jarret Brown got some reps at QB. I kind of forgot he existed, to be honest. (

Davis and Iupati are getting some first team love- injuries or not they'd be starting when the season starts, and I'd have put money on that, if I had any. (

Alex Boone is looking to crack the roster. I want him to, but I'm not entirely sure he can. (

The fight for backup roles gets intense. (

There are more links, folks, and I'll try and update in a few with them I just needed to get this posted.

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2:00 p.m. Not sure what yet here, may have an At Least We're Not, haven't heard from the other guys

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