What really happened in Seattle??

I will start off by saying I know there is another post on this subject but there are way too many comments there to go through them all so I'm starting a new post.

I watched almost the entire game today and my emotions were just about on par with the team's play. In the first quarter I was happy with the team's play (though disappointed about the redzone failures). The rest of the game I felt like someone was kicking my emotional butt just like the Hawks were physically kicking the Niners butt. My question to all you is why did we get dominated the way we did?

My analysis after the jump....

My analysis:  The O-Line got dominated today from start to finish. They couldn't keep pressure off Alex Smith and that affected his play very negatively. There were a TON of balls overthrown and underthrown, generally mostly off target because he was running for his life all day long. WHO is that Clemons guy? He devoured anyone attempting to block him today. The terrible rushing avg today was also the line's fault. Gore had zero holes to run through. On the 4th n goal in the first half the replay showed the Hawks RE pushing Staley into Iupati knocking him down leaving 2 defenders in the hole to tackle Norris(why he was carrying the ball on 4th down when we have Gore, Westbrook etc I won't get into because that is a whole other post).

The only bright spot was our defense. They made 2 horrible mistakes biting on double moves by receivers which led to 2 TD's but other than that they played solid. They didn't give up many yards and stuffed the run except for 1 long play in the 4th.

How are we going to fix these problems? Well it won't be any easier next week against the Saints and that offense but it will start with the O-Line. We have to have success running the ball for our team to have a chance to win games. We do not have the pass protection or the QB to throw as much as we did today. Smith threw 45 times today and that if a recipe for disaster with the team we have. Our game is run and play action pass.

I also think that if we go with an up-tempo offense we will have more success no matter what plays are being called. This is because we will actually get to the line before the play clock runs out.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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