Golden Nuggets: Put it down

So, that wasn't a good game at all. It was, in fact, a horrid game and I feel as though I should break something with my palms. Still, I'm actually not feeling so bad at this time right now. I've moved past the game already. It was an ugly, at times horrifying, week one loss to a divisional rival. Sounds horrible, but in the scheme of things, I think we, as a team, will do alright. All we can do now is look forward to what this team can do next week and the coming weeks. The main things that bothered me yesterday were Michael Crabtree and his inability to grasp the concept of professional football and the special teams play. It was very bad at times, though decent at others. Either way, like I said, we should be looking forward to the game on Monday. I know I am. Enjoy the links I have for you, and please, put the razor blade down.

Here's a full recap of the game, just in case you folks were a sucker for punishment. What an ugly performance. (

Coach Singletary thanked Pete Carroll after the loss yesterday. I guess this is a little bit inspiring, but his act really is wearing thin for me. (

I thought the plays that were called yesterday were beyond what we expect with Jimmy Raye as the offensive coordinator, and I commend him for that, but there will still many, many issues with getting the play in. (

Didn't read this yet, but it's an article from Kawakami after the game yesterday. (

The Seahawks taught us a lesson. I would have preferred ignorance, honestly. I love the line about getting an "F," in chemistry. It's true. (

Here's a quick report card from the game. I give it an "F," basically everywhere. (

Singletary called out Michael Crabtree, Alex Smith and the offensive line as a whole. Cool - should be calling out a lot more than that, though. I'd like to call out Singletary, if that's at all possible. Can I do that? (

Red Zone struggles hurt 49ers? Weren't going to win at that point - didn't sniff the end zone in the second half. (

Why not - another 49ers report card. (

We'll have plenty today, here on Niners Nation. I just don't have a set schedule for you. Fooch talks us off the ledge, talks a bit out idiots and their fandom, I'll have a post, probably about Dominique Zeigler or something like that. I might poll some folks on Podcast related matters. You know.

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