Golden Nuggets: Lalalala, not listening

Two days removed from what shall be known heretofore as "that damn Seattle game," (can I say that, Fooch? Oh well - ban me) and I'm feeling pretty good abut this team again. I don't think that our play two days ago is indicative of where we stand as a team and our talent as a whole. I think we can all agree to that, honestly. Before I get underway, I wanted to say a quick apology to a 49er fan and reader of mine - there was some miscommunication via email and it has already been cleared up, but I figure an apology here would do well as well, so sorry, friend. Moving on from that, I have some 49ers related links for you guys. I think the important thing to do now is just move forward, look forward to Monday, where will be destroying the Saints in primetime. So yeah, enjoy the links, folks.

The top five players who were/are the 49ers future. Threw this together over at the Bay Area site, I'm happy with it. Can't wait for Montana to come back. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Jimmy Raye might leave the booth to help speed up playcalling. I like the idea, but it's probably not a change we should be making in the middle of the season. (

Singletary clears the air by calling a team meeting. I think there's an awful lot of air to clear, is he sure he got it all? (

49ers tackle problems on offense after a beatdown. They have an awful lot of problems with which they need to tackle ... (

On the Road with Rod: Seattle Trip (

Michael Crabtree was bad. Laughably bad. So bad I'm going to pretend he doesn't exist for awhile. I hope he's benched for the Monday night game. (

Here's a game review or something along those lines. (

Smith questioned the play calling. I didn't like all the short passes. By the way, when I got to "Smith was asked if the lack of balls ... " I assumed they were talking about Jimmy Raye being scared to throw downfield. (

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