49ers go 9-0 after slow start??

  Call me crazy, I know losing on that kind of play sucks. I have a renewed sense of hope for this franchise and I have a renewed sense of faith in both Alex Smith and Coach Mike Singletary.After the Jump I will take you on a wild ride in which our beloved 49ers go 9-0 after this Monday night loss.

    Hey we are 0-2 and dead last in our division, okay all pessimistic thinking aside I feel great right now.I know that a moral victory isn't what we necessarily needed,however Alex Smith rejuvenated faith in himself to a lot of 49ers faithful tonight. Alex still hasn't won everybody over but I think in the coming weeks everyone will be fully behind number 11. The Saints was arguably are most difficult challenge on our schedule. We have to go into hostile Arrowhead Stadium next Sunday. The Chiefs are on the other end of the spectrum at 2-0 but aside from San Diego (who is notorious for their slow start to a season) the other team K.C. knocked off is Cleveland.

  Week 3 of the NFL will kickoff with the 49ers and Chiefs battling it out. I like the way we stack up against K.C., they have a reliable target in Dwayne Bowe and they have some speed with Charles and McCluster, I think our edge rushers pose a serious threat to their O-line and see the Chiefs falling to us 21-7. 

  Week 4 49ers are out for blood in week 4 as we take on the Falcons. Atlanta is a good football team that whooped us good at home last year. The 49ers have that taste in their mouths and Ryan and his falcons are gonna be on the bad end of a but whoopin. I think this ends up being a close game with the 49ers winning 21-17

  Week 5 we are back home to face the Eagles and Philly has trouble out west. Now it is still gray whether it will be Kolb or Vick, However I think it is a non-issue as far as the 49ers D is concerned. We have historically limited what Vick can do and I don't see us letting him go crazy in week 5 if he gets the nod. I fully expect to see Kolb in this game as the starter simply because Andy Reid is an equal opportunist. If that's the case the 49ers will have a field day and he could very well end up a the backup after that. 49ers 28-14(with Vick) 28-9(With Kolb)

  Week 6 back at home against the Raiders.Who knows who the starter will be in week 6 for the Raiders! I think no matter what the 49ers shut down Oakland and make them one dimensional. When Oakland has to pass they lose and the 49ers run D won't be letting Darren McFadden off easy. 17-6

 Week 7 we have Carolina they are gonna be sticking with Clausen the rest of the year and that gives th 49ers the advantage. Clausen will need to be forced to throw the ball and we will have to shut down DeanGelo Williams and Johnathan Stewart. I know we can do it and force Clausen to make some poor reads. 49ers 24-10

 Week 8 across the pond we go to face Denver, Orton is a guy who plays well within that system and we are going to have to take his quick reads away from them to limit their offense. They lack a scary running game and the 49ers should be able to sway the pace of the game. I see the 49ers pounding out a win in Wembley 21-14

 Week 9 BYE WEEK

 Weeek 10 at home against ST.Louis, Bradford has been fair to this point don't know where he is at this juncture in the season but the 49ers have the defensive edge in this game and we have already proved that it takes more than Stephen Jackson to beat us. 28-7 the 49ers beat up St.Louis

 Week 11 Tampa Bay comes to Candlestick, Last time we met the Bucs Willis had 22 tackles. We ended up winning that game . Alas this is a totally different team and we will have to pound Josh Freeman and knock him off rhythm with his new favorite target Mike Williams. 20-10 49ers

 Week 12 on the road to Arizona, The Cards look bad this season. I don't see them getting much better with Derek Anderson throwing the way he is now. I think the 49ers know whats at stake at this point and pound the rock to a 17-13 road win.

Well that wraps up my view of the 49ers going 9-0 in the next 9 games.Just tell me I am delusional I know you want too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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