Please laugh the Yorks out of the NFL...

Well, another loss my friends. Since hardly any of the frequent posters are driven by results (you guys love moral victories), AND you all don't like dealing with reality, I thought I may be able to help you tune your focus on the facts. And guess what? I'm even going to provide an answer on what we need to do to move forward. We'll let fooch write a gripping piece on Tom Rathman, while I lead us to victory. Just kidding Fooch, you the man. Now comes the difficult part, the part where I have to say: "I told you so Niner Nation."  So try to hang on through the post if you can because there is light at the end of the tunnel. I've compiled some the points you've thrown back at me over the past two seasons because I've never felt good about the product we put on the field. Needless to say I've taken some lickens (some deserved) and I have also have been right on the money. Lets take a close look back at some of the insight and where it's led us to date.

  1. Point one: We're building though the draft. Check, two O-line men. Result: 0-3 start. Who is the last player we've drafted under Jed Jr that has made any kind of impact? How much time do we need to give Jed? I thought he's the biggest fan of all time? Set on Jennifer Montanas lap right? Then I look at the chiefs who in just under two seasons have become a good football team.They just made significant changes to their organization through the draft and FA market. And the outcome is winning. Why cant we get that from the Yorks and the niners FO?
  2. Point two: Our leadership has spent plenty of money over the past few seasons to put a competitive team on the field. Check, Signed notables Westbrook, Ginn Jr, and Carr. What happended to Brandon Jones? Result: 0-3 start, and off to the 8th straight lackluster and underachieving season. Hey-Did you see Bouldins game today? Did you notice Thomas Jones cut us up for a TD today? Did you see that Matt Cassel make Alex Smith look like a little boy? What do Bouldin, Jones, and Cassel have in common? Free-agent pick-ups boys and girls. Ask yourself, what did our leadership do this off-season to put a WINNER on the field? Are you still beating your chest and saying that we did spend money to sign Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis? A teen-ager witha checkbook could have made that call. Again, that's the Yorks making it look like they've put a contender on the field.
  3. Point three: Mike Singletary has had the team perfectly prepared. I remember one NN poster saying: "We should have been up 17-0 in Seattle. That's not the Coach's fault, that's the players fault!" Check, Sing had 10 days to prepare for the Monday night game. Result: 4 turn overs, and a loss. Sing took all the motivation from the "moral victory" over the Saints and promptly lead the team out to a 31-10 loss today. Sing is horrid. And no we don't need to blow another season on him so that he has a fair try. Life is not fair, if you can't produce, you get replaced. Case closed. At least in every other business besides the one the Yorks run.
  4. Point 4: We don't need a QB, we need some stability at Offensive Coordinator. Check, Jimmy Raye is in for another year. Result: 0-3, Alex Smith has 5 picks in 3 games. He has been in the league for 6 years. He's gotten every opportunity under the sun. He's never taken it. In the real world, no one gets 6 chances. Why haven't we drafted or traded for a real QB talent? Ask yourself that? Derrick Anderson would have been a low cost upgrade so don't give me the garbage about cap space. I have a secret for you...the Yorks don't care.
  5. Point 5: I'm going to stop now. You'll never read this far.

Here is what we need to do: Don't blame any of the 49ers. It's not there fault, they haven't been given the tools to win and are the victims of the most piss poor executive leadership in all of sports. I don't know how many times you have to watch this team lose before you understand that the wool has been pulled over all of your eyes. The Yorks are not commited to winning. Can you honestly tell me, you believe in these guys?

So my suggestion is instead of telling stories about what great fans you are, and what a jerk off I am, stop and stick it to the 49er front office. Write the SF Times, the Chronicle, make signs at games, tell everyone you know how pathetic the niners FO is. At least we'd all have a united front. Jed York Jr , and any member of the FO, should not even be allowed to walk into a restaurant in the Bay Area without being accosted!  Do you think Philly or NY would allow there football team to go through 8 straight seasons of what amounts to a colossal embarrassment? What team can you even think of that has even been as bad as SF has, for as long? The Browns? I wish we had time to even do the math or look in the history books. However, that doesn't matter. If we ever want respect and the team that has given us so much joy, it's down with the Yorks. Let us pray a rich silicon valley CEO will buy this team and we can rid ourselves of this disgrace.

And next week: Take a note from Art Blank. Now that my friends, is a leader committed to winning.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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