The 49ers have talent but are sinking under the coaching weaknesses of Mike Singletary and his staff.

This is a Yahoo Sports Headline -- the lead story at this very moment. 

Does anyone want to admit that Alex Smith and Mike Singletary are now a part of the problem?

It's amazing how many of you are still defending these two. 

Here is my proposition. Since the Yorks have proven to me at least they are willing to pay big bucks for the right situation (and the wrong situation), I cannot balme them for their effort. (Not necessarily their wisdom but their effort.)

So help Jed out here. WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MADE NOW or AT THE END OF THE YEAR? WHY WAIT? Or are you happy with the sinking ship we currently find ourselves stranded on, while the rest of the sports world scratches its head? 


Forgive me for repeating myself but I want you to debate these things with as much initial input as possible. So here is a response I had to some of you STILL defending Alex Smith:

All I’m hearing from you guys is a bunch of excuses why Alex Smith has not become a good QB in this league. But I have to tell you, I think you’re all missing the obvious points. IS ANYONE OUT THERE ACTUALLY WATCHING THE GAMES? I KNOW you are, but good grief!

1. Good NFL QBs can throw bombs accurately. If the guy is open the ball is going to be there. This has NEVER been the case with Alex Smith. His accuracy on deep balls is too inconsistent to ever make him a great QB. Or even a very good QB

2. If you can’t throw deep and put the ball in there consistently then the defense is going to cheat upfront to take away the run and the short passing game. Alex Smith is the kind of QB safeties like Michael Lewis eat for breakfast because they can cheat a step or two and laser in on the short passing game.

3. By cheating upfront that also takes away the running game. Without a running game we can’t set up the passing game.


4. Smith is also not consistent in the short passing game. Some of those tipped interceptions, guys, is Smith throwing the ball too high (which can also get a receiver damn near killed) or too far behind the receiver. If the WR tries to make a tough catch but the ball gets tipped whose fault is that? This happened last year too.

5. He also isn’t accurate with screen passes. It’s amazing but if you watch him he’s constantly passing the ball too soon to avoid getting hit. His impatience is either resulting in dropped balls or a caught ball thrown too soon to allow the blockers to set up.

6. Out of the shot gun, yes, he’s better. But again, if you’re going to use the shot gun and give up many different kinds of running plays, pass action, etc., then you have to know how to throw a lot of different kinds of passes. Ask yourself why all teams aren’t running shot gun all the time. There are a lot of reasons they don’t. The QB has to be able to roll right AND LEFT. Not just right. And the QB has to be able to dump off quickly if the play breaks down. But half the time when he tries to dump the ball off the pass isn’t accurate enough to give the receiver momentum down field. When he does have momentum (when Smith actually does throw he ball where it should be thrown) Gore and Westbrook and Davis eat defenses alive. Problem is, again, inconsistency. You can’t count on Smith to throw the ball with precision. And when short passes and dump off passes aren’t precise a lot of dangerous things can and do happen.

7. He throws sideline passes about as badly as any starter in the league. Our receivers know how to keep two fee in bounds and make highlight reel catches on the sidelines. Problem is, Smith almost always throws the ball too far out of bounds for our own team to make the damn catch. Morgan’s almost TD catch against Seattle was NOT bad luck or bad footwork. It was Alex throwing the ball too far out of bounds again. Close is not good enough in this game. Alex can’t get as precise as an NFL QB needs to be.

8. He’s even inconsistent in his inconsistency! Against NO in the first half we saw our Alex, screwing up as usual. Then in the second half WHO WAS THAT? That is how Alex can be SOMETIMES, but never all the time. We can’t even rely on him to get to the next level and stay there. He always falls back down to his flatline.

There are plenty more examples of why Smith can’t be a more than a mediocre starter in the league at his very best. YOU GUYS HAVE TO KNOW ALL THESE THINGS DEEP IN YOUR GUT. YOU WATCH THE GAMES.

 We have some great players now. We all agree with that. We need to quickly get ourselves a good QB, or spend the rest of the season seeing if we can develop Nate Davis and find out for sure if he has something special or not.

The longer we defend Alex Smith, the longer the other teams will be happy to defend Alex Smith, if you get my meaning. The D coordinators have to know that his inconsistencies will eventually kill drives, give them an interception at a critical time. He’s the opposite of Manning and Brees and Rivers and Rogers and so many other CONSISTENT dangerous QBs in this league.

I am asking you all to take a seriously honest assessment of what I’m saying. TELL ME you think he is getting more consistent over time, and tell me WHY you think that’s true.

Tell me his deep balls are now a weapon instead of an empty threat. Tell me his accuracy on short passes and screen passes are getting better over time.

If you can’t, then can we please stop defending this guy and let’s find our QBOTF and get the F*** on with it. Because Sundays are not all that much fun for ANYONE when your QB can’t be trusted. When every time he throws the ball you start to cross your fingers. No wonder Singletary insisted on run first. He probably feels the same way!!!!

He’s NOT the guy who is going to lead us to a Super Bowl. And I’m not willing to settle some day to getting back to 8-8.


And as far as Singletary goes, let's not forget:


1. He chose Alex Smith as our QBOTF. That was his assessment and his choice. We could have gone after McNabb for pretty good value and let the rest of the team gel around him. Maybe not the perfect answer, but better than what we have? Or should we at least take a look at Nate Davis? 

2. He chose Jimmy Raye. And he told him what he wanted: smash-mouth no matter what. 

3. He chose to imitate the Steelers and Ravens instead of trying to imitate the Colts and Pats, as New Orleans did. He chose to make us into the 1960's Green Bay Packers

4. He's admitted he's not an X and O guy on offense, but what about some of his on the field decisions? 

5. The communications issues in game 1 -- was that forgivable, or completely inept> Can you live with that kind of oversight? Or is that just one more thing that sys to you he's not ready to be  a HC and may not ever be ready? 

6. If after we are 0-5, ANYONE out there wants us to take a look at Nate Davis in game situations, at least in spots, a few series a game, we will probably have to fire Singletary first. Because Davis is in his dog house. Just like Smith was in Nolan's dog house.

Would it be better to let Davis have a shot this year with an interim coach in the same system and at least se if there's anything to work with and get him some game experience? 

Do we hold SIngletary and Smith accountable for anything? Or let them continue on? 

Help Jed out! Tell him what we should do from here! Please!!! 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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