49ers GM Search: Sunday NFL Schedule Rooting Guide

Tomorrow's NFL schedule has various playoff and draft implications, which should make for a crazy final day of the 2010 NFL regular season. For the San Francisco 49ers, draft implications and 2011 opponents are the primary reasons to keep an eye on tomorrow's schedule of NFL games. However, 49ers could potentially have another reason to root for certain teams tomorrow.

The 49ers GM search has gone at a quick pace with at least three interviews in the books. Trent Baalke is reportedly meeting with Jed York today, although it's supposedly being considered less an interview and more a conversation depending on who you ask. Who knows what that means. A few days back Mike Lombardi said on NFL Network that he felt Baalke would be named GM within 48 hours. York responded to that by stating he would take his time and that he would potentially interview people through Monday at least.

Until tomorrow's action concludes the 49ers can only interview individuals who are not currently with an NFL team. After tomorrow's games the 49ers are allowed to interview personnel guys from non-playoff teams and from playoff teams that have a round one bye. The New England Patriots are the only team to lock up a bye. Tomorrow, the remaining AFC bye will be determined between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The two NFC byes will be divided up between Chicago, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Philly lost head-to-head to Chicago, and is two games back of Atlanta, which would seem to indicate they can't get the bye.

I need to do a bit more research before I can say for certain which guys I'd be most interested in for interviews. For now I thought I'd at least provide a run down of the various individuals that could be potentially available for interviews on Monday based on the fallout of tomorrow's action. Some of these names aren't going anywhere, but I figure it's better to include too many names rather than too few. Additionally, if the 49ers promote Trent Baalke, they'll need to fill his previous Player Personnel role as well.

Some of these guys have more experience than others. I did some quick googling and came across an old Arrowhead Pride post about Steelers college scouting coordinator Ron Hughes. It might be worth a quick read as you consider all these names.

Atlanta Falcons
Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager
Les Snead, Director of Player Personnel
Lionel Vital, Assistant  Director of Player Personnel
David Caldwell, Director of College Scouting
Nick Polk, Director of Football Administration

New Orleans Saints
Mickey Loomis, General Manager
Ryan Pace, Director of Pro Scouting
Rick Reprish, Director of College Scouting
Brian Adams, Assistant Director of College Scouting

Chicago Bears Their website is fairly limited in listing their front office staff so
Jerry Angelo, General Manager
Tim Ruskell, Director of Player Personnel

Pittsburgh Steelers
Kevin Colbert, Director of Football Operations
Ron Hughes, College Scouting Coordinator
Brandon Hunt, Pro Scouting Coordinator

Baltimore Ravens
Ozzie Newsome, General Manager
Eric DeCosta, Director of Player Personnel
Joe Hortiz, Director of College Scouting
Vincent Newsome, Director of Pro Personnel
Chad Alexander, Assistant Director of Pro Personnel

The New England Patriots already clinched a bye so Jed could interview their front office personnel on Monday if he so chose. For the sake of completeness, here's a rundown of potential Patriots personnel (another website light on information):

Nick Caserio, Director of Player Personnel
Floyd Reese, Senior Football Advisor

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