Golden Nuggets: Vic Fangio, Come On Down

Goooood morning, Niners Nation. Fooch said it best yesterday morning - Sunday would be a day of rest for us here on the site, and it was. I didn't get anything posted and we only had a few, but it was necessary. Now we can dive into the mucky bit of uncertainty that is the 49ers coaching staff and, really, the entirety of the 49ers roster. The quarterback position is the hot item to discuss it seems, and some names are already floating around. Thus far, I've heard Kevin Kolb, Vince Young and Donovan McNabb, who probably aren't bad candidates. I admit I need to read up more on Kolb, but I see nothing to indicate that McNabb has anything left to give. A year ago I'd have wanted him, not anymore. Vince Young is an interesting prospect but ultimately a terrible idea - as I said yesterday I believe most statements about "cancers" bad influences in the locker room are overstated but I do not think this is one of them. Jim Harbaugh's first project does not need to be Vince Young. I would rather have Randy Moss and Terrell Owens in here than Young. Here's your links, of which there are not many. Enjoy.

Vic Fangio is a possibility for the 49ers defensive coordinator position, and if you want an example of what to expect pending his hiring, you need only look at Dom Capers of the Green Bay Packers and the way he utilizes the 3-4 defense, which I imagine the 49ers will be sticking with for 2011. I like Fangio and would consider him to be a good man for the job. (

In case you didn't hear about it, 49ers defensive coordinator Greg Manusky interviewed with the Carolina Panthers for their presently vacant head coaching position. You hear that, Steve Ross, "vacant?" (

Well, provided you didn't know this already, Jim Harbaugh is not Bill Walsh. Shocker, right? Purdy feels the need to insult your intelligence with this piece that would be very informative if not for completely underestimating the entirety of the 49ers fanbase. (

Four former 49ers made the 2011 Hall of Fame finalist list, but the two that really mattered did not. (

Here's three impressions from the chronicle regarding Jim Harbaugh. I have to laugh a little when I read impression number two. Harbaugh did not immediately want the power described, and if he did, he would not have put pen to paper. I agree about Trent Baalke not relinquishing power with any bit of ease, but I don't think there will be many disagreements between these two. (

Did you root for the Seattle Seahawks when they played the New Orleans Saints? I wouldn't say I rooted, but I felt a good amount of pride when they eventually did win. I always "root" for the NFC West come playoff time, though I'm probably not going to be doing so in the future, what with the treatment I got over at Field Gulls when I congratulated them and told them it was a great game. (

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Wouldn't that be great if Larry FItzgerald couldn't get a deal worked out with Arizona? I think so. Tickled pink that the Rams blog is recognizing the hiring of Jim Harbaugh as a serious thing - while noting that Seattle may not be a pushover next season. I beg to differ, they'll finish even worse than 7-9, though with the schedule the NFC West is facing next year, I wouldn't be surprised at a 6-10 division winner! #settingnewbars #whyamidoingthisimnotontwitter

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