Looking at Free Agent QBs

Will McNabb be wearing Red and Gold next season?

On Tuesday new GM Trent Baalke conducted a radio interview where he was asked about the 49ers QB situation. 

"Is the quarterback of the future on this roster? I think it's obvious that he isn't at this point, but things could change and they will change through one of those three vehicles,"    

The three vehicles he mentioned were trade, free agency, and the draft. Given this statement it seems obvious that the biggest priority for the front office this off-season is to acquire a QB. We've got plenty of fanposts on the draft, so I'm not going to be discussing any of those options. Instead I want to look at Free Agent QBs and QBs that might be on the market. 

I want to take a look at their stats from last season. I'll give my opinion of each QB and the likelihood that the 49ers end up with him.  

Free Agent QBs

Peyton Manning
Michael Vick
Bruce Gradkowski
Trent Edwards

QBs Under Contract

Donovan McNabb--will likely be released
Kevin Kolb--wants to be released if Vick comes back
Kyle Orton--Rumor is that the Broncos want a 2nd round for him
Carson Palmer--There's been some discussion that the Bengals want to move on, but the draft is kind of thin to be letting a proven veteran go
Ryan Fitzpatrick--Scheduled to make $2.8 million in 2011. Can't see the Bills letting him go. 
Matt Flynn--been a really popular name here but I can't see the Packers letting him go
Josh Johnson--has also been popular name but I haven't heard anything about his availability
Vince Young--will likely be released

Join me after the jump as we look at each player's stats over the past season

 Let's look at their 2010 numbers: 

Name Team Status Games Completions Attempts Percentage Total Yards YPA TDs INT QB Rating
Edwards, Trent Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agent 3 26 49 53.1 280 5.7 1 3 51.4
Fitzpatrick, Ryan Buffalo Bills Under Contract 13 255 441 57.8 3000 6.8 23 15 81.8
Flynn, Matt Green Bay Packers Under Contract 7 40 66 60.6 433 6.6 3 2 82.4
Gradkowski, Bruce Oakland Raiders Free Agent 6 83 157 52.9 1059 6.7 5 7 66.3
Johnson, Josh Tampa Bay Buccaneers Under Contract 11 14 16 87.5 111 6.9 0 0 95.6
Kolb, Kevin Philadelphia Eagles Under Contract 7 115 189 60.8 1197 6.3 7 7 76.1
Manning, Peyton Indianpolis Colts Free Agent 16 450 679 66.3 4700 6.9 33 17 91.9
McNabb, Donovan Washington Redskins Under Contract 13 275 472 58.3 3377 7.2 14 15 77.1
Orton, Kyle Denver Broncos Under Contract 13 293 498 58.8 3653 7.3 20 9 87.5
Palmer, Carson Cincinatti Bengals Under Contract 16 362 586 61.8 3970 6.8 26 20 82.4
Vick, Michael Philadelphia Eagles Free Agent










Young, Vince Tennessee Titans Under Contract











So, going down that list, here are my thoughts on the various QBs.

Trent Edwards--his name hs been mentioned a couple of times but I wouldn't want him anywhere near the 49ers

Ryan Fitzpatrick--he's done a good job with Buffalo but I don't think they'll let him go. If we could get him for a reasonable price I'd be ok with it.

Matt Flynn--had one good game with the Packers and fans are ready to anoint him the next great QB. I'm not seeing it. I haven't seen enough from him to justify hanging a franchises hopes on his shoulders.

Bruce Gradkowski--has done an OK job with the Raiders but I want more than ok

Josh Johnson--There's a lot of love for him here, but I don't see it based on the numbers

Kevin Kolb--He'll be a hot commodity for the Eagles, but I'm not willing to give them what they want for him (reportedly at least a 2nd rounde).

Peyton Manning--If we could land him I'd be ecstatic but there's not a snowball's chance of that happening.

Donovan McNabb--I think he's a good option for us this year. The story on him is that he stunk in Washington, but if you take a step back and look at the numbers he performed at about the same level in Washington as he did in Philly the year before. He'll be available for fairly cheap, considering what the Redskins paid for him. Plus he ran a WCO for over a decade, so he should come in right away knowing what to do.

Kyle Orton--Orton is an intriguing prospect to me. I didn't like him coming into the season but he did a great job for the Broncos. He played lights out. Rumor is that the Broncos want a 2nd for him, which I wouldn't be quite ready to give. However I'd happily give them a 3rd and if Orton meets certain conditions bump it to a 2nd.

Carson Palmer--He hasn't been the same since his shoulder surgery. Regardless, I dont' think the Bengals will let him go this year.

Michael Vick--I'd be thrilled if we could get Vick, but there's no way he leaves Philadelphia. I'd be willing to give the Eagles a 1st and a 2nd for him, but I don't think he gets traded for any price.

Vince Young--He's gotten a lot of grief because of his off the field issues but he's actually been a very good QB in this league. I'd be ok with us picking up him as well because we could do it very cheaply.

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