The Unofficial "Official" Keep Takeo Thread!


Fooch's Note: I'm definitely down for this thread. Let's hope the 49ers bring back Takeo.

One' has to look further than Takeo Spikes stats to be impressed. He doesn't put up the most sexy of numbers, and he doesn't get to the QB that often. However, Spikes means so much more to this team and this organization then pure numbers. Despite all of this, he did surpass 100 tackles for the seventh time in his career (1st time since 2003). Additionally, Spikes had 3 picks this season; and now has 18 for his career.

What makes Spikes special is that he had his best season since 2002 when he had a whopping 16 passes defended, 5 picks and 2 touchdowns with the Buffalo Bills. Spikes was only 28 that season, he is now 34 and as productive as ever. We also have to look at how good he makes our middle linebacker tandom, oppositve Patrick Willis. Those two players combined for over 230 tackles, 15 passes defended, 4 forced fumbles and 6 sacks. Not bad for a MLB tandem in a 3-4 defense.

Then you have this: Takeo Spikes has never been in the playoffs in his 13 year NFL career. To make it even worse he was on only one of the two Philadelphia Eagles teams not to make the playoffs over the last 11 seasons. I cannot imagine Takeo Spikes leaving the San Francisco 49ers, and then us making the playoffs in 2011. That would be a travesty to the career of this class act individual. In a year when you have the likes of Kwame Harris making the playoffs, you need to understand what Takeo Spikes has gone through during his NFL career. Furthermore, i cannot imagine anyone else having the passion and intensity for the playoffs than Takeo. Imagine what he will bring to the team in 2011 with an entirely new coaching staff and most likely a new QB. Keeping TKO would only enhance our chances of making the playoffs next season.

Okay and now you have this:

From his Twitter account: Looking @ this Seahawks/Rams game makes me want to throw up

How many of us would repeat this quote over and over again? Simply put, TKO pretty much echoed what most of us 49ers fans felt while watching the Rams and Chickens play.

Q: Are you coming back to San Francisco next season?

A: It's not up to me, if it was i would have re-signed in training camp.


This dude wants to be a San Francisco 49er for the rest of his career, this is pretty obvious. If the front office wants to endure themselves to the 49ers faithful, they should think long and hard about re-signing him

And then you have the most epic interview possible, where Takeo Spikes hits on sideline reporter Kim Coyle


Besides the fact that Takeo Spikes is a class act, and one entertaining character. Lets look at it from a team standpoint for a second. NaVorro Bowman was drafted last off-season in order to eventually take over for Takeo Spikes, a logical draft choice given TKO's age. However, it is pretty evident that Bowman is not ready to take over as the starter in 2011. What better player than TKO to show Bowman the ropes and for the young LB to learn from? I am sure that TKO has absolutely no problem working extensively with Bowman during OTA's and training camp. That is the ideal situation if you ask me. Spikes had one of his most productive seasons of his career in 2010, and there is no reason to believe that we will see a dramatic drop off from him come 2011. He only makes the defense and the locker room that much better. I honestly believe that he has also helped make Patrick Willis the best MLB in the NFL. Under the tutilage of Spikes, Willis has become a perennial All-Pro performer, a player that it already a sure shot Hall of Famer. What else does this front office need?

I think that Niners Nation as one of the best outlets for 49ers fans should stand up together and support Takeo, push hard on blog land for the 49ers to immediately re-sign him, and put pressure on the powers to be so that TKO is in the 49ers uniform for at least the 2011 season. TKO and the 49ers fans have a lot in common. He hasn't made the playoffs in 13 seasons, and we haven't seen a +.500 team since 2002. Additionally, he is as frustrated and pissed as we are about the lackluster 2010 season. To me, Spikes is the voice of the 49er fan, he represents all that is good about football and about being a 49er. He bleeds red and gold as we do, and will do everything in his power to get this team back on top next season.

The time is now. Chant with me "We want TKO in11'", "We want TKO in 11'"

Whose with me?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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