Golden Nuggets: My Triumphant Return

Big thanks to Fooch for covering the Nuggets for the past couple days. As most of you know, I've been out of commission with a lot of rest needed and things of that nature. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm well enough to provide you good folks with your Nuggets for the day and maybe a few other articles today. As far as all of us here in 49erland, it looks as though little has happened since I've been out of it. Position coaches were hired, and that's always good news. It looks as though Harbaugh is assembling a nice assortment of coaches around him, comfort level appears to be big for him. Beyond that, I'm a little out of the loop so hopefully there's some linkage to be had to do the talking for me. After some of the things in the Nuggets, I use them for my own agenda because I am in a position of power and you all love me. Deal with it. Missed you guys, enjoy the Nuggets.

Well, the 49ers have added three more coaches. I think Donatell is the big hire here, he could do very good things for our secondary, providing we add a player or two. (

With the understatement of the year, Maiocco notes that the outside linebackers lacked production. Loving those inside linebackers, though ... (

The 49ers will likely have a shot at Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton, as they're eligible for the draft. (

NaVorro Bowman is poised for year two already. I'm really excited for what he can bring to this team in the future. I stand by my statement that he would end up being the best player taken by the 49ers. (

Mike Singletary it's back to the drawing board for him. Good luck, Mike - but  I don't see another head coaching job in your future. (

So the talk about the 49ers and Raiders sharing a stadium resumed again. I refuse to read this because I'm trying to pretend it's impossible. (

A Prince to solve our secondary woes? Oh that would be fantastic. If only ... I mean, it's possible he'll be there. (

49ers Honor Lifelong Fan (

Offseason Q&A: C.J. Spillman (

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Exploiting My Readers

This is a fun little section where I might rant about whatever while I happen to link to things I feel like linking to. Today, I've actually got a couple things I want to show you. One is a game that a friend of mine is developing. It's called Chester, and he'll be releasing it on Xbox Live as an Indie game for only eighty points. That's a buck. One dollar. If you watch the trailer here, you'll see that much more than a dollar's worth of work went into making this sexy game. Secondly, I'm going to link a movie blog, Movie Makes Three. It is another thing being done by a friend, but it's a very unique idea. Basically, they're watching a movie a day (a friend of mine, and his girl) and both writing their takes on it. I've read just about every one on there thus far, and you should totally go and read it, comment, etc. Great stuff, honestly.

Lastly, this. So much this.

Being a Sheep

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