Golden Nuggets: Oh Yeah .. The Nuggets

'Morning folks. I'm apparently healthy enough to get the Nuggets up two days in a row. Awesome for me, yeah? I'm writing very distractedly right now ... watching some tennis. The Australian Open is going down, and my favorite player, Fernando Verdasco, is playing. London Niner just told me over Twitter that I'm obsessed. I suppose that's true - I'm just about as fanatical about Verdasco as I am for the 49ers. Which is to say an awful lot, considering just how insane I am for the 49ers. So I've been oblivious to 49erland for most of today, but it looks as though we might have a special teams coordinator, so that's the pertinent news for the day, probably. Anyway, enjoy the linkage folks and if we get more than 100 comments today, you get a cookie. Not a real one, but you know. Enjoy.

If you can call a guy a "guru," then I'm all for him. Brad Seely is probably on his way to San Francisco, and that excited me greatly. Guy is great at what he does. (

Despite having the best quarterback in the country, Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman stayed committed to the run at Stanford this past season and that is probably good news for the 49ers, providing they know when to abandon it if it's not going so well. (

Andrew Luck's father says it's Harbaugh's experience that makes him unique.  (

Ah - the sweet, sweet audio of Brian Jennins on KNBR. Also got audio from Jed York. (

The Niners need a multitool at outside linebacker. I hate just how close Manny Lawson comes to being that guy. If only he was a better pass rusher. (

Corners and safeties are the primary concern for the 49ers. The secondary as a whole is just awful. They need some serious help. People are saying "Vet or rookie?" I say both. (

Here's the latest chat with Matt Barrows. I don't always read these, but they can be good for general run-downs, especially if you're inconsistently in the loop in 49erland. (

The 49ers are holding Gold Rush auditions. Should I try out? I bet I could make it.(

Offseason Q&A: Thaddeus Gibson (

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Exploiting My Readers

Once again I'm going to include this quick little section, just because I'm super pumped for the game my friend is developing - Chester. Watch the trailer here and love it. If you rock, you can also check out my buddy's eBay - I linked awhile back and he was selling things for an operation for his mom. This time I'm not sure there's a great cause, but you might like something anyway.

But yeah. Chester.

Being a Sheep

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