Golden Nuggets: Nope, Still Obsessed, But 49ers Get Some Attention

You guys almost lost me for good right then. No, not more hospital nonsense ... I just got REALLY obsessed with the Australian Open, I forgot all about football and the like. But now I'm actually doing the Nuggets early because the match on next is uninteresting and will lead to Ferrer being completely and utterly destroyed by Rafa. Now, for one night, I can focus on the 49ers, this site and actually catch up on all that I've missed and essentially skimmed over the last couple days. 2:54 a.m.: I lied, apparently - Ferrer came in playing out of his mind and Rafa got hurt a little, so I ended up watching and now I'm behind on the Nuggets. Steady lads, not a whole lot of Aussie Open left to play, so I should be back to my regular schedule soon. Maybe. Enjoy your linkage, though I'm now going to rush it!

Maiocco got an interview with Mike Singletary, right about the time everybody else started posting about him. His says exclusive, so I'm linking his piece, though I'm honestly not reading any of them because I couldn't care less what he has to say about his work in San Francisco. (

The Carolina Panthers poached Ray Brown off of the 49ers staff. I'm not overly concerned with it, but I did like Brown. (

What's Pete Carroll's deal? He doesn't have one, apparently. I'm not really convinced, I think Harbaugh will be looking to beat the Seahawks badly this coming season. (

The 49ers know they'll be implementing the west coast offense, they just need one of those things ... you know, kinda important ... yeah, a quarterback. One of those. Wonder what they're like? (

Brad Seely and Kevin Tolbert are officially hired, and here's some background on them from the official website. (

Does seeing Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl hurt as a 49ers fan? Honestly, it doesn't for me - not even a little bit. Rodgers would not be where he is today if he was drafted by the 49ers He would have been brought in and beat to hell and back and would never have the benefit to be brought along the way he was. There's no connection whatsoever in my mind. Things like DeSean Jackson beasting it up in Philly hurt more than that, especially when I think of Chilo Rachal. (

Apparently Michael Lombardi says that Carson Palmer won't land in San Francisco. Or rather, he thinks that Palmer won't be going anywhere. (

49ers GM Baalke fitting right in as a scout. (

Senior Bowl Day 2 Live Blog (

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