You May Say I'm A Dreamer...

And You'd be right. I just wanted to put my ideal off-season together for the 49ers, because like playing a Madden franchise, it's always fun to dream. So here goes...


We start are dream journey with the hiring of a new GM and Head Coach, now my personal dream scenario here would have to be:

GM: Mike Holmgren (we somehow lure him away from Cleveland back to his origins, this lights a fire under potential head coaches and makes our choices a lot bigger.)

Head Coach: Jon Gruden (Landing Holmgren has now given us our best chance at getting a West Coast offense back. Gruden brings in a some seasoned coordinators and Joe Montana jumps on as the QB coach....ok that was a stretch but hey we're dreaming here.)

Free Agency:

QB- We pick up Donovan McNabb, finally, and have a veteran QB to train any QB that WE WILL draft this year.

WR- Vincent Jackson wants out, and we need some speed/size/talent in our WR corps. Yes I said talent, I'm looking at you Crabs.

OG- Logan Mankins, big veteran OG to take Chilo's spot and we can finally let out O-Line settle and become elite.

DT- Haloti really need an explanation?

DB- Champ Bailey, a true veteran CB that can make Clements look like the, site decorum, that he is. Hopefully he's got enough gas in the tanks for one more year.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know we've already busted the salary cap, but in a Madden dream, I've already turned the salary cap off, so it's no problem.


Round 1- Trade our first round pick third round pick, one additional pick for next year and Alex Smith to the Panthers. Recieve the number 1 overall pick and get Andrew Luck. We can now compete with the Rams for best QB in the NFC west.

Round 2- Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

Trained by Bailey, and maybe just slightly by Clements too, this kid can definitely have a big future with us.

Round 3- Pass rushing OLB

Round 4- Diamond in the rough C

Round 5- Change of pace speed RB

Round 6- Speed CB

Round 7- Accurate K

Yes I know there are additional picks that we have but use your imagination and add in whatever you think we need.

Now in a perfect world all these players will turn into amazing players, but either way, this "Dream Team" will carry us to the Super Bowl. Of course in true Niners fashion we win, because we never go to a Super Bowl and lose. Just not in the Niners gameplan.

Dreams are pretty amazing....think I'll go play some more Madden now. Let me know what you're dream combination is.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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