Golden Nuggets: How Was That Senior Bowl?

So folks, how was the Senior Bowl? I didn't put a whole lot of pen to paper about the event leading up to it, and that's mostly because I didn't really plan to watch it. I had other things to do yesterday, though I understand it was at least entertaining, though a bit on the sloppy side. Well, I generally like those kind of games so I'm a bit miffed that I had to miss it, but I DID get to see the great Herschel Walker improve his mixed martial arts record to 2-0 at the age of forty-eight by way of first round TKO. Honestly, how badass does that strike you at this point? For the record, it was against a guy who hadn't fought in nine years, but that's the same amount of fights Walker had had in that time frame as his debut was last year, also a stoppage win. I hate rooting for any former Dallas Cowboy, but I figure he's been out of the game long enough. Anyway, I'm off to watch the Aussie Open now, and if I find time you good gents can have some links, but I promise nothing. Enjoy (or don't!).

Guess what, children? Jim Harbaugh believes Alex Smith can still be a winning quarterback in the National Football League. I think I agree with him ... or do I? I don't know - but that's the Alex Smith conundrum for you. Who knows at this point? (

The desire and need to win is a way of life for Jim Harbaugh. You know, I'm totally OK with that. Win all you like, my good man. (

Just because he (obviously) wanted to line up with my halfback post going up at nine in the morning, Matt Maiocco tells you why that jive you're talking about trading Frank Gore is crazy and nothing more than "gobble gobble gobble," you turkey. (

Here was a live game blog from the official website. For the uh, Senior Bowl ... if you're slow. Just saying. (

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