Golden Nuggets: Don't Know Who To Believe

Apologies for the Nuggets being a bit empty yesterday, I was very drained and very out of it following the hellish time that was the 2010 49ers season. I'm ready now - not quite ready to tackle the draft, that comes with a lot of research and quite frankly, it's too far away, but I'm ready to get things started at the very least. SB Nation Bay Area has one mock draft stream that will be updated a good deal today, tomorrow and throughout the offseason. There might be more streams eventually. Here at Niners Nation, we will have plenty of coverage on that front, along with our already stellar coverage of the 49ers head coach and general manager search. The season is over for our 49ers, but we'll keep pluggin' away every single day, and we hope you'll stick around for that. Enjoy the links for today, folks.

There is one thing to look forward to, providing something can be figured out for it, and that's free agency. The 49ers will have a few key players that they'll definitely need to address. Obviously, Demetric Evans needs to be locked up right away! (

Quarterback Alex Smith will get to pick his landing spot for 2011. The 49ers are probably not an option at this point, and that's totally understandable. If he goes to a division rival, may he throw only incompletions, but if it's another team, fine, I never disliked you. (

The buzz yesterday was regarding Michael Lombardi. The rumors picked up once again, and it was speculated that it might just take him to land Jim Harbaugh for 2011. (

Lombardi though, continues to insist that Trent Baalke is the guy in San Francisco. I don't know who to believe, honestly. (

The win over the Cardinals doesn't change anything; the 49ers need not get caught up in the fact that they finished "strongly" once again. It was definitely a good win, a fun game and it did showcase a good deal of the 49ers talent. But we're still in the same position we've been for the past ... long time. (

Jim Tomsula is the object of much praise - and he should be. He's a good coach, and I hope he can remain with the team in 2011, just not as anything other than defensive line coach. (

Marvin Lewis was rumored to be meeting for an interview with the Niners. It won't go anywhere. (

Vernon Davis was quoted as saying that players under Mike Singletary were playing scared. That makes sense to me, and it's just another part of his outdated approach to coaching that just doesn't work. (

Here's some more player reactions and quotes following the victory over Arizona. (

The 49ers insist that the wrong team made the playoffs. I'm inclined to agree, because the Seattle Seahawks are not better than the Rams or even the 49ers, in my opinion. But the coaching needs to be there. A quarterback would be swell, too. (

Aaaand, a quick look at where the NFC West teams rank in offense and defense. (

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