Insanity Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Harbaughmb, Golden Nuggets

Well folks, we've probably set some Niners Nation records in the past twenty-four hours and we don't even have anything of substance to report. We know some things, and we speculate a lot more than that - but it definitely is anyone's guess as to what is going to happen. The 49ers are courting Jim Harbaugh and appeared to have a deal in place, but now the Dolphins are a serious suitor and Harbaugh is going to entertain their overzealous offers. It's a sticky situation, a situation in which the Niners' backup plan is Josh McDaniels. I don't really know what to say to that.

Beyond all of that though, I did post part one of my three-part feature on Mike Singletary's tenure in San Francisco, and I'd appreciate the reads on that, and if you missed my feature about my experience in the press box at Candlestick, that is here. This is the new thread for the fast-moving Harbaugh discussion, and your Nuggets will be after the jump. First, though - this exclusive video of Jed York making phone calls to Jim Harbaugh.

The Dolphins have landed in San Francisco, led by owner Steve Ross and things are moving as I type this. Harbaugh has told the 49ers he'd get back to them tomorrow. (

Can the 49ers afford to compete with Miami for Harbaugh? Financially, they probably cannot, but even if they tried they would be outside of the reasonable bounds of what he's actually worth. (

What with all this Miami Dolphins nonsense, Hue Jackson could actually be a legitimate candidate for the 49ers and not just a Rooney Rule fulfillment. (

Here's some more on Hue Jackson, just in case he is indeed a legitimate candidate for the 49ers head coaching position. (

Eric Branch has been a fantastic replacement to Phil Barber, who himself was a formidable replacement for Matt Maiocco at the Press Democrat, but he's not quite up to Maiocco's Jed-chasing snuff, check out this account of "Well alrighty then." (

Barrows had a post on why Jim Harbaugh has so much allure for 49ers fans. (

What happens if the 49ers don't land Harbaugh? Who are the options. I'll let you know now: they're not sexy candidates at all. (

Michigan won't be pursuing Harbaugh, I suppose that's one plus. (

Nate Davis has yet to be locked up for 2011. Pretty telling, I'd say. (

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