Jed York, Jim Harbaugh, Stephen Ross = Charlie Brown, The Football, Lucy

I've figured out the new perfect analogy (to follow my Say Anything and Dodgeball posts) to describe the constantly evolving situation involving Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh, 49ers owner Jed York, and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. It doesn't compare perfectly, but basically Jed York is Charlie Brown, Jim Harbaugh is the football, and Steve Ross is Lucy. If anybody has some photoshop skills, I think it'd be awesome if you could take this picture (or one like it) and insert the three heads into the picture. I think it'd be perfect for now.


smileyman's note:

Thanks to ManBear21 for jumping on this one. I think it's pretty darn good.





As the 49ers continue stumbling in the dark trying to figure this whole situation out, Bodog sent out some odds on the next coach of the 49ers, Browns, and Raiders. I was disappointed that we didn't get straight Harbaugh odds. As of three hours ago they had Harbaugh as 3/2 to end up as 49ers coach. I'm not sure I'd want to put money on that.

As Steve Ross is now wheels up from Burbank off to South Florida, one of the biggest discussion points has been Jed York's proclamation that money would not be an issue. I think the Bay Area Sports Guy makes a good point about this issue in the more general sense of Jed York's 2010 season. We hear a lot of barking from him but it's not really followed up with much bite.

In terms of the money in this situation, if the 49ers don't go to $7M or $8M I actually wouldn't have a problem with that. Even though he said money wasn't an issue, if somebody came out and offered Jim Harbaugh $15M or $20M per year, I would not even remotely expect Jed to match it. When people start getting into even crazier money, you can only go so far before it's really bad business. It's tow to three million a year, but that adds up.

The problem at this point is that Jed put himself in this situation with his big talk. There would be plenty of anger to direct at Steve Ross if this doesn't work out, but Jed's sort of brought some of this on himself with his proclamations. When I sit and think this through logically, it makes sense to not escalate in a bidding war. I can live with that and will live with that if Harbaugh doesn't work out. But Jed should not be surprised when people call him on his money claim, no matter what kind of business sense it makes to back down in this insane affair.

Who will 49ers name as their next Head Coach?

Jim Harbaugh                3/2
Jon Gruden                    5/1
Bill Cowher                    12/1
Any Other Coach           1/2

Who will the Browns as their next Head Coach?

Marty Mornhinweg          5/2
Mike Holmgren              3/1
Jon Gruden                    7/2
John Fox                       5/1
Pat Shurmur                  15/2
Brad Childress               10/1
Jim Zorn                        12/1
Bill Cowher                    15/1
Field                             3/1 

Who will the Raiders name as their next Head Coach?

Hue Jackson                  -300
Other                            +200

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