Jim Harbaugh, Quarterbacks and 2012 Draft strategy

Maybe this is a bit of a jinx, putting up a fanpost before 3:30 PST, but I thought of how the 49ers can approach the 2011 Draft and subsequently the 2012 Draft (with the news of Harbaugh a go). With Andrew Luck sticking around for his senior season, the 49ers might want to consider making a gamble this offseason: by trading a 2011 pick for a 2012 first rounder. Perhaps the 49ers can fleece over a team looking to buy this year's second round pick that San Francisco owns.

Or maybe a team is looking to give up its 2011 First Rounder plus a 2012 First. Point is, the 49ers should aggressively pursue acquiring an extra pick in 2012's first round for obviously reasons: trading up to select Andrew Luck. This year's draft choices can be spent wisely on defensive backs and pass rushers, while next year's draft can be the Lucky one. In the meantime, perhaps signing a one or two year gapper might be enough for the team to compete, if the coaching staff is talented. Obviously the team has to prepare better and execute consistently, and I think a coaching staff is responsible for 75% of that. My point is, I think the team can hold off drafting a QB or investing in one until 2012. Maybe it wouldn't kill to have Alex Smith as a back-up, but I think Baalke has to make a statement and clean the entire QB house.

Some QBs to consider for 2011:

Chad Pennington - Ol' Noodle Arm isn't really a starting option, but I think he'd make a reliable back-up.

Kerry Collins - A bit old, a bit deteriorated, but a competitor. At the very least, a solid back-up.

Alex Smith - Maybe Baalke signs Smith to the veteran minimum. I'd be happy with that as a price for Smith.

Donovan McNabb - When If the Redskins let him go, it wouldn't hurt the 49ers to give McNabb a sniff.

Kyle Orton - Maybe Denver can be convinced to exchange the QB for a player instead of a draft pick? Parys Haralson anyone?

In my opinion, two of the three bottom guys will be on the 49ers roster in 2011. If it happens to be McNabb and Smith, I'd be comfortable with that. However, I wouldn't cry over Orton and Pennington either. Even Kerry Collins and Alex Smith could be a sneaky combo... for me to poop on. Of course, I've left off Kevin Kolb, Vince Young and any other QB that may be available this offseason. However, I don't think Kolb would be the right choice, but Vince Young in a fresh environment could be entertaining. In total, I'd say the scrap heap of QBs in 2011 isn't going to net a long term answer anyway; 2012 at least has the Luck factor. Netting a nice mid-to-late first rounder plus a 2012 first round pick for the #7 selection could be a wise investment for the future.

Which QBs do you want to see in 2011, whether it be guys I've mentioned or not. Possibly players in the 2011 draft at the QB position.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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