Golden Nuggets: We Have Normality

Ahhh, my internet returns! Did you guys miss me yesterday when Fooch handled the Nuggets? Probably, I assume a few of you were absolutely in tears. Either way, I'm back now and I'm pretty excited. It's inevitable, no matter how many times I tell myself to not be excited, it just happens. The 49ers got a head coach, and I think I have a realistic view on him as of right now - I'm not expecting a Super Bowl or to run away with this God-awful division, but I'm expecting players who are, you know - prepared for situations beyond the very first drive of a game. The amount of bullet wounds in the 49ers' feet must be staggering, it's remarkable they've a leg to stand on! Get it? Get it!? God, I'm SO [SITE DECORUM] FUNNY! But uh, yeah .. links .. Nuggets ... on to them. Enjoy, chiiildren. Go Niners. Bonus points if any of you can tell me where my title is from.

Jim Harbaugh's biggest test will be finding and developing a quarterback who can run the type of offense the 49ers need. Godspeed, Mr. Harbaugh. (

There are rumblings that Harbaugh could be bringing Vic Fangio with him to be the 49ers defensive coordinator. I really like Greg Manusky and really feel as though he was not allowed to do everything he wanted to, but Harbaugh has to have his guy and that is totally understandable. (

The 49ers were patient - very patient, and in the end that paid off. Jed and Trent were calm, cool and collected and that apparently impressed Harbaugh. Good stuff, really - considering the lack of experience. Let's hope it was the right move. (

What's the best way to put this week? Wild and crazy says it best, though I can think of a couple non-site-decorum friendly at this point. Either way, it ended just fine, at least for now, for San Francisco. (

In the end - it was the duo of Jed York and Trent Baalke who landed the hottest coaching prospect in the league. Can you believe that? I said it from the beginning - I'm just fine with Baalke, and I think he will do well. (

Funny - Eric Branch of the Press Democrat (great writer, by the way) had some of the comments from his blog posted. I wonder if we should take some comments from Niners Nation and publish them in a post? Wait, we had 16,010 comments over the period of January 5th through January 7th, not including non-49ers GM/Head Coach related posts and fanposts. Yeah - I'm not going through that. (

Are we watching Jed York grow up right before our eyes? I think we are, and I've been saying for some time now that I think Jed will end up being a good executive and a good owner. I stand by it. (

Here is Maiocco's latest Q&A, which I've yet to read and thus cannot really comment on. (

It will be pretty interesting when the 49ers take on the Ravens this season, it's the first time in NFL history that two brothers have been head coaches, and they'll be going at it in 2011. Can't wait for that. (

You've already heard this - but I haven't been around for the discussion. What do you folks think about Harbaugh stating that he'll be installing the West Coast Offense here in San Francisco? Honestly, I don't think we should ever see anything else. (

Jed York was consistently asked one question: "Do you feel vindicated?" I think it's a resounding "YES!" (

Being a Sheep

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