KNBR VS. The Game (95.7)

FM vs. AM

New School VS Old School

Lots of guys I don't know yelling alot VS Radnich and the others sounding a bit out of touch

Dan Dibley moves to the upstarts and trashes his old friends (ouch)

Eric Wright vs Tom Tolbert (former player category)

lots of drama and lots of ads dissing one another (mostly from The Game)

Sports talk radio is like cheap beer, at first you feel a bit ashamed, after a while you really like it, then later you feel a bit of nausia

I just started giving the GAME a shot after years of the sports leader.  Some of it I like better and other aspects I'm not digging.

Here's my two cents.

Best thing about GAME is that the focus is on sports and sports only.  If I want to hear about Grateful Dead concerts and people's family problems and former wrestlers or dwarf tossing or golf then... well, I don't want to hear about any of those things.

I also like that THE GAME seems like it has less commercials - always a good thing

The Game seems to get a lot of interviews, but asks sort of surface level questions

I don't know much about the voices at THE GAME yet - but the Rise show (?) seems to have some serious sports fans - feels like talking sports at a sports bar - which is maybe how it should be. However, I think at times the perspective and rationality that Ralph, Gary and a couple others bring to sports fan culture is more reflective of the Bay Area.  We love our sports but we also have lives beyond the games.

I like Dan Dibbs at times and fel he was underused at KNBR, so I am happy for him, but I also wonder about his relationship with the old station and how he feels about all the trash talking they do.

This brings me to the three things about "the game" I do not like -

1) too much trashing of KNBR.  seems classless.  If you are the better station then be the better one and the people will follow.  Also, it makes you come off like a jerk.

2)The style of the voices is too much like the Rome show or the Cower guy or the million other tv sports talk shows. Guys just yelling at you and sounding arrogant - this gets old after a while. If I want that type of sports talk I can get it from the guys I mentioned and hear from better informed sources.  Radio and TV are different - on the radio I want more thoughtful conversations, especially because we are not aided by visual images.

3) The sports ONLY focus all the time has its drawbacks. I mean how much can be said about that damn Harbaugh handshake anyways? 

I hope that KNBR learns from the battle and improves their coverage of teams not called the niners or giants.  As a big time Warriors fan I am always blown away by the KNBR options for info and analysis (Fitz is NEVER wrong in his own mind and has a big chip on his shoulder, Ralph thinks Monta is better than LeBron and pines for Nellie, Tolbert knows his stuff but seems disinterested).Warrior fans deserve better radio personalities.  Where is our Kruke and Kipe?

I posted this because I know a lot of us are stuck behind the wheel and listen to sports talk radio when stuck in traffic.  Curious to hear your impressions.  Also, if anyone has any inside scoops around some of the drama between the two stations - please air the dirty laundry!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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