Pick 'em Against the Spread week 7 for all you gamblers

Hi everyone, this is for all you gamblers on NN :) just posting my picks against the spread this week. Probably won't get any comments but feel free to post your own picks/comments. For the record, I believe over/unders are much more predictable and more worthy of your money!

BUCS (+1) over BEARS

A game where both teams are traveling across the Atlantic Ocean is going to inherently be a little more unpredictable than your usual game. I may be grasping at straws here, but that trip can't be good for Jay Cutler's blood-sugar. Also, the Bear's locker room isn't a happy place right now. I'll take the Buc's (although the lack of L. Blount gives reason for pause).

Carolina (-2) over Washington

The Panthers have played very well at home, where they have given both the Packers and Saints all they could handle. The Redskins are in slight turmoil, and you can call me a skeptic when it comes to John Beck. I see the Redskins continueing the free-fall and the Panthers picking up their second win of the season.

New York (-1 1/2) over San Diego

This may be one of those games where I end up kicking myself later, but for all the talk of the Chargers hot start, there hasn't been much talk about the weakness of their schedule so far. They're one loss came against their one tough opponent so far,, and in that game they only managed to put 21 points on the board ( and New England's D isn't anything special).Plus, they will be traveling West to East, and we all know what a #$!&* that can be.

Seattle ( +3) over Cleveland

The Browns looked ok last year because of Rob Ryan's defense. This year their lack of talent top to bottom is really showing. Believe it or not, the Seahawks are not THAT bad. I'll take my chances with them.

Tennessee( -3) over Houston

The Texans are going through their usual mid-season doldrums. They're a soft team that will never get over the hump with Gary Kubiak leading the team. I like what Wade Phillip's has done with the defense, but they're still not great. Tennessee has looked good so far (although their soft schedule definitely gives reason for pause) and Chris Johnston is DUE.

Denver (+3) over Miami

The Dolphins are not totally devoid of talent, but it just hasn't come together. I don't think Tony Saprono is a good coach, and the team has been TERRIBLE at home in recent years. Now, I think the Broncos are a bad team to, with an over-rated !$#W% as their coach, but I think Tebow is going to shine on Sunday. My only concern is not that he'll feel the pressure of the moment, but that his teammmates will.

Atlanta (+3 1/2) over Detroit

This is my bet of the week. I don't think Detroit is as good as their record shows. They have NO running game ( particularly with the loss of J. Best), and C. Johnson is not a good route runner who really only threatens in the Red Zone. I think that Atlanta is the kind of solid-on-both-sides-of-the-ball team that gives Detroit trouble. Plus, the loss of J. JONES might help Atlanta get back into a rhythm since they won't be forcing him the ball and they can go back to what worked for them last year.

Oakland ( -3 1/2) over Kansas City

Although I think the Chiefs will give them a game, I don't want to get to cute and predict that Oakland will win and not cover the spread. The Chiefs have been decimated by injuries, and although they have won two in a row, those wins were against the Vikings and hapless Colts.

Arizona (+3 1/2) over Pittsburgh

The Cardinals have played well in their two games at home. I think Kolb gets into a rhythym against an aging and frankly overrated Steelers D.

St. Louis (+12) over Dallas

The Ram's defense played relatively well last week against the Packers. I don't see them getting blown out by the Cowboys.

Minnesota (+8) over Green Bay

The Packer's D has not played particularly well this year. The Vikings play well at home and could control the clock with Adrian Peterson. The key to beating the Packer's is playing keep-away from Aaron Rodger's, so if Peterson consistently picks up four and five yards, and Ponder plays even incrementally better than McNabb has, the Vikings could have a shot. Plus, Jared Allen will be facing the Packer's back-up at left tackle. I'm not predicting an outright win and upset for the Vikings, but I think that they will be in the game.

New Orleans (-14) over Indianapolis

The Saints are just to explosive and sooner or later will pull far, far away from the Colts. Look for the Saint's D to generate a few turnovers, in which case this game will get ugly FAST.

Baltimore (-7 1/2) over Jacksonville

Teams have to pass to have a chance of hanging with the Ravens. Jacksonville and whoever the $Q@#$!@ they have trotted out at quarterback this year have yet to show that they can do that.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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