All this talk about Freddie P.

I decided after this past Sunday that it was time to address the bloggers and the media types in regards to the drama surrounding myself this season. I must admit to everyone; I’m pretty appalled, astonished and downright disappointed on the attack of my character not only by yourself but by the media. Why am I the person that everyone wants to avoid all of a sudden?

My agent Fluke Notinmyhouse told me that it would be in my best interest to simply not say a word and to let the season play itself out. He said that I’d be able to find plenty of buyers next season when I become a free agent. And while this may be the best solution I felt that in order to not lose my value I  simply had to speak up and defend myself.

Here is my problem with it all. I have been a mainstay and a dedicated player for the San Francisco 49ers organization for the last 10 years. I do not take full responsibility for the excellent mediocrity that has been on display since 2003 but I have been a major cornerstone. Just because you did not hear me discussed on PTI until this year does not mean i didn't exist. I understand that there is no I in team but please understand that there isn’t a “we” either. This has become quite apparent to my myself, my family and my agent now that Coach Harbaugh has taken over the reins.

This season the 49ers have been preaching “the team the team the team” but yet they no longer want me in the locker room as if I’m a distraction. I wasn’t a distraction last year when we went 6-10 and the year before that when we went 8-8. I WAS PART OF THE TEAM!! Now that the 49ers are making a name for themselves they all of a sudden “gotta watch out for Freddie P. Soft”. Watch out for Freddie Soft? I’ve been the man and I’m still the Mother (expletive) man!

I’ve carried this team on my shoulders for the last 10 years! I’ve caused many superstars not to practice which saved them for games.  I’ve helped players duck tackles, fake injuries and complain about playing time for years. Haven’t I proven my worth to everyone? I understand that everyone is concerned about the over hype, the band wagon jumpers and the sweet nothings I like to whisper in my teammates ears but give me a break or two. What is losing a few games going to cost us?

What is losing a few games in the NFC west really going to cost the team? People love drama and I’m not talking about the guy from Entourage. I’m talking about Freddie P. Soft and Freddie creates excitement!  I cause palms to sweat, lost of hair and a few underwear accidents but no one wants to admit to the last part. I am the reason this team has 5 top 15 drafts picks on the roster. If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have Alex Smith, Patrick Willis, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati and Aldon Smith. Have you forgotten that little statistic?

Why does this world make everyone guilty by association? I can't help the fact that Kwame Harris, Rashaun Woods, Kentwan Balmer and the likes took softness to a whole new level. I didn't personally train them they were simply my friends but best believe if I had they would still be a part of this team.

What happened to all the love niner nation?You were calling my name during the off season and pre-season but now there is a new culture and all of you want to kick me to the curb and away from my brothers of the red and gold. This coaching staff talks about keeping the team together but Coach Harbaugh threw me to the wolves? Whatever happened to keeping things in house?

Just so everyone is on the same page; I'm not giving up; i'm just venting because you know what? There are plenty of games left and I’m going to give it my best to slide into the game at least once or twice. I will convince a player to allow me to get some face time and when I do; all of you are going to be reminded of how things use to be and how they still can be.

I apologize in advance to the 49ers organization for my comments and I’ll say I’m sorry now even though I’m not truly. To all the naysayers out there that think I’m washed up and will be team less; my agent has already been in contact with some teams in regards to my future employment and there are offers on the table. Him and I both have been talking to a few teams this year in preparation for the next few years. The Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos have all shown interest.

In fact I don’t think there is a better time than now to make my next announcement. After this season I will be taking my services to south beach to play for the Miami Dolphins. That is all for now; please follow me at

Who’s Gotta get it better than Me? Nooooooobody!!!!!

 Freddie P. Soft (NinerfanNva)

The Realest Niner Ya know

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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