49ers have been built for the long haul

Ok family here at Niners Nation, to say this has been an awsome year would be an understatement. We have gone above, and beyond the expectations of many 49ers fans, and critics respectively. To be honest I believed we were due for a successful season last year, but there was something missing.

     Lets jump in Dr.Browns time machine for a few shakes. What stood out to me last year instantly, was the abrupt firing of Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye. Any chance of continuity went out the window with him as his interim fell short of putting it together. I suddenly found myself shocked, and discouraged from having any high hopes of a playoff appearance. Then we were suddenly  staring 0-5 in the face. WOW! 0-5. Then I realize we are destined to have another funky season.

    It seemed we lost all the close games. We couldn't get out of our own way. I even attended my first NFL/49ers game vs Carolina Panthers, and saw up close and personally, Alex Smith get injured because of a blown blocking assignment. He sat on the sidelines the rest of the game in a sling while his apparent simular back up Dave Carr looked baffled at the helm. We lost that game, as the Panthers strung together a great comeback run. I believe Carr suffers from pocket paranoia from all those years with the Texans, being hit so much. I feared Alex would suffer such repercussions. Alex has not, infact he is as tough as nails in the pocket. I applaud him for his tough will.

    Ok, now we have another Smith (Troy) who has the legs to adlib some passes downfield. Every play seemed to be a broken play. No way to run a playoff caliber offense if you ask anyone who knows. We went to London and beat the "Broncos" and some became enamoured with Smith #2. I saw some potential, but knew he was not the answer.

     With the season over we immeiately let Coach Singletary go. I love what Singletary brought o our team, however he didn't appear to have the necessary football IQ. I credit Singletary, and Nolan for establishing, and developing us as a defensive powerhouse.Much respect to them both.

    We expeditiously grab Jim Harbaugh after a short bid with Miami. He bring his guys in from Stanford,attains a great special teams coach, and brings back Tomsula  who I have the utmost repect for. He has our D-Line playing at such a high level, snub chewing, grunting and showing enormous emotion. He explains things with simple detail to the D-line. Kudos to Tomsula.

    Our secondary Coach has our team coming full circle as the pressure up front, and sustainin coverage downfield have been clicking finally.

    UH-OH, NFL LOCKOUT. Just when things were lokking up, NFL football is in doubt alltogether. What did Harbaugh do? He entrusted the playbook, and th entire offense to AleX Smith. Some of us said" Awwww man, has this guy gone crazy" we should let Smith go, and Draft a QB, or even bing in Donovan McNabb. Anyody has to be an upgrade over Smith right? WRONG. Harbaugh knew Smith had the tools, and the mind to grasp his teachings. What a story for the ages. Goes to show what a QB would be with or without great coaching.

    One things for sure, we already had the defens in place. We drafted 3 O-Lineman in the first round Staley, Iupati, and Davis. We have two excellent recieving TEs. We added Braylon Edwards, to go along with Crabtree. Josh Morgan has taken a great leap forward before breaking his leg.( Keep in mind, we have yet to see what Crabtree B. Edwards, and J. Morgan look like on the field at the same time). Frank Gore signed for 3 years. (The first 3 weeks we were all concerned if Frank lost it because of the Hip injury). He proved to be just as potent as ever. Now Frank has an official spell back in Kendall Hunter. Kyle Williams showed us something in that Dallas game with the fade route. I pray we utilize him more. Ted Ginn will be an asset once we open things up downfield.

    In the NFL draft and free agency we addressed some issues grabbing Carlos Rodgers, and drafting Culliver. They have both been huge keys to our success this season. Already in place was the breakout player of the year IMO Navarro Bowman who is really playing like the second best ILB in the league. Next to Willis of coarse. Ray McDonald has excelled every year. Justin Smith is still an absolute animal. Brooks is showing his size,speed, ad strength off the edge is serious. Harylson, and Aldon have been a great 1,2 punch. Aldon Smith will bee our DeMarcus Ware for years to come. Don't let the number 99 he dones fool you. He is not anything like Manny Lawson. DeSean Goldson is quitely instilling fear in WRs around the league. Add Donta Whitner to the mix, and we're talikin business on Defense.

    An then there is Camp AleX. He should get an award for his sportsmanship, and team ethics. Not many wuld be free agents would put together mini-camp, and practice. Also pay for all the rookies taveling expenses to solidify the 49ers legacy as the greatest franchise in the NFL. Let's Go 49AZ.

    P.S. Imagine our future with everone reisigning with the 49ers. "We could be on to something really special brewing here"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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