Not giving Nolan/Singletary credit...BUT...

I was thinking about how amazing this year has been and how we managed to get here after so many years of unacceptable play and coaching.  Obviously, one of the key factors was finding not only a head coach that had a vision and direction that this team needed.  But also finding an excellent staff around him (ie. Fangio, Donatell, Seely, Roman) that compliments his style getting the most out of the players today.  The other factor has been the players.  They are showing up, prepared, ready to play, and more importantly, acting like they've been there before.  Simply amazing.  

However, one thing that I'm not sure has been mentioned enough is something that may stir the pot a bit.  It really is kind of hard to mention, but here goes:  During the previous regime, there were many things wrong.  So many things that I don't need to mention.  But one thing that was consistent and may have actually helped build this current team up was the emphasis on "high character" players.  They really managed to get guys that were pretty talented, but also were football guys.  Now, I've posted the draft classes from 2005-2010 so you can see just how bad some of those picks were (yes, Kentwan...I'm talking about you), but it's really interesting to see how many picks have been key members of this amazing start.  Maybe Nolan-tary were on to something...something that is real in the NFL especially with some of the divas and punks that play in the league.  My take away is that the past regime should get credit for identifying some really good talent, solid football players and true professionals.  The current regime, however, has taken all of that and put one focus behind it and maximizing their abilities.

(In bold are the guys who are still Niners even guys on IR.  I've also pointed out what players are still in the league and to my surprise, there are a number and they are contributing fairly well) 



1. Alex Smith (QB)
2. David Baas (G,C) - Now a Giant
3. Frank Gore (RB)
4. Adam Snyder (G,C)
5. Ronald Fields (DT) - Bronco, now a Panther
5. Rasheed Marshall (WR) 
6. Derrick Johnson (CB)
7. Daven Holly (CB)
7. Marcus Maxwell (WR)
7. Patrick Estes (TE)
7. Billy Bajema (TE) - Now a Ram


1. Vernon Davis (TE)
1. Manny Lawson (LB) - Now a Bengal
3. Brandon Williams (WR)
4. Michael Robinson (RB) - Now a Seahawks
5. Parys Haralson (OLB
6. Delaine Walker (TE)
6. Marcus Hudson (CB)
6. Melvin Oliver (DT)
7. Demetrice Webb (CB)
7. Vickielr Vaughn (S)


1. Patrick Willis (LB)
1. Joe Staley (T)
3. Jason Hill (WR) - Now a Jag
3. Ray Mcdonald (DE)
4. Jay Moore (DE)
4. Dashon Goldson (S)
4. Joe Cohen (DT)
5. Tarell Brown (CB)
6. Thomas Clayton (RB) - Now Bronco


1. Kentwan Balmer (DE) Seahawk, Now a Redskin 
2. Chilo Rachal (G)
3. Reggie Smith (S)
4. Cody Wallace (C)
6. Josh Morgan (WR)
7. Larry Grant (LB)


1. Michael Crabtree (WR)
3. Glen Coffee (RB)
5. Scott Mckillop (LB)
5. Nate Davis (QB)
6. Bear Pascoe (TE) - Now a Giant
7. Curtis Taylor (S)
7. Ricky Jean-Francois (NT)


1. Anthony Davis (T)
1. Mike Iupati (G)
2. Taylor Mays (S) - Now a Bengal
3. Navarro Bowman (LB)
6. Anthony Dixon (RB)
6. Nate Byham (TE)
6. Kyle Williams (WR)
7. Phillip Adams (CB)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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