I'll admit up front, I've been a huge Kyle Williams fan since the day he was drafted.  In the spirit of objectivity though, I was also really high on Michael Spurlock when he was on our team.  :)  Anyway, if you watch Kyle Williams, he is easily the most natural wide receiver on our team.  Crabtree's got some mad skills, but Kyle is just a very unique player.  If you listened to the reports from Camp Alex, one consistent theme was how Kyle Williams looked the smoothest and most natural out there, and how he had the softest hands.  I can attest to this from the open practice I went to.  Throws to guys like Braylon Edwards made loud smacking sounds when the ball hit the receiver's gloves.  However, when throws went to Kyle you couldn't hear it most of the time.  It was a smooth, clean, natural catching motion like he does it in his sleep.  He was also fielding punts much, much cleaner than Ted Ginn.  At one point in training camp, a beat writer mentioned that Kyle and Ted were practicing catching punts with one hand.  Ted dropped a bunch, but Kyle caught every one.

So what is all this to say?  Simply that I'm suggesting the kid needs more playing time.  He is the fastest receiver on our team (ran a faster 40 time than Ginn), is wickedly quick and smooth out of his breaks, gets up to speed in no time flat, seems to be a great route runner, he is the best guy on our team catching the ball (Crabtree has too many bounce off his hands and whatnot), he has the natural smarts for the position (getting feet in bounds and such), and if you throw the ball in his direction he has proven he will come down with it.  Both of his touchdowns this year were difficult plays, but he not only snagged the ball, but he had the awareness to drag his feet on the first one, and on the second he stretched out the ball enough to break the plane of the end zone for the touchdown.  This guy is explosive and extremely reliable.  He deserves more looks, especially with Edwards having trouble catching the ball.

Some of you might comment on his size, saying he is too small to be durable, and too small to block.  Whoever says that was clearly not watching the pre-season.  Besides being the best pre-season receiver on our team, he was consistently out on the edge or downfield wrecking guys in the run game.  There were a couple of highlight worthy plays where he was getting down and dirty out there right to the last minute. 

My final reasoning for giving him more looks is the way he has been utilized within this offense.  I commented last week mentioning that there was one running set that had Williams isolated way out on the edge.  It looked to me like something we could use the flea flicker on.  This week we actually did pass out of that set a couple of times.  This formation is very interesting, because it looks like a clear run, and the safeties have tended to drop down into the box when they see it.  Several times today I was screaming at the tv: "Williams is one on one on the edge!!  There is no safety helping out over the top!!  THROW KYLE THE DANG BALL!"  Greg Roman has found some very intriguing ways to get him favorable matchups, but Alex just hasn't been looking for him.  This NEEDS to change!  Braylon seems to drop it more than anything, and with Crabtree chances are the ball will be overthrown or it will bounce off his hands.  So far, Kyle Williams has none of these problems.  Alex needs to start recognizing the situation and looking for him in those one on one matchups.

Three closing thoughts that are completely unrelated:

First, Alex needs to stop getting sloppy with his passes.  He overthrew both Crabtree and Edwards in the redzone today.  That MUST be fixed if we're going to hang with Green Bay.  (Knock on wood). 

Second, ALDON SMITH HAS FOUND HIS SACK DANCE!!  I don't know about you guys, but I loved it!  I don't know if it was based on something, but it looked like some sort of T-Rex dance.  That made it really cool given his long arms.  It looked like a very unique, "I'm Aldon Freaking Smith, what's your deal sucker!?!" kind of a dance.  I want to find a video so I can rewatch and know whether I'm overreacting, but I could see that dance becoming as legendary as the funky chicken.  EDIT: Video HERE, the sack dance is at about 1:08.  Enjoy!

Third, Carlos Rogers almost had at least one more pick today.  It's a shame one went right through his hands and resulted in a touchdown, but I'm loving how many chances he's getting.

Also on a completely unrelated note: CAPTION THIS!





Rec if you liked and discuss in the comments!

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