A Few MORE Key Things That Will Be Overlooked By Most

Hey all! These "Overlooked" pieces are starting to become a regular thing for me. :) Anyway, I know that you guys are excited about the win, but let's face it, this was the RAMS! We should have beaten them like 56-0 (especially with how many times we were in the red zone!). As always, please discuss politely in the comments. Calling me stupid and throwing mud doesn't help anybody. Explain your position and defend it with reasonable, logical points.

Greg Roman

The first thing I want to mention is our offensive coordinator. For way too many games this season he has reminded me of "That Old Guy With the Hat". He does what he wants to do WAY better than that guy, but he still drives me nuts with a few things.

The first thing that I hate is the criminal under-use of Kyle Williams. Braylon Edwards hasn't done squat. Ted Ginn is streaky (drops too many) but is getting better. But Kyle Williams is a freaking beast! I don't need to sound off on this any further because it was all summed up in that one touchdown catch. The speed he displayed into the break, the quickness out of it, the sureness of the catch, and the wicked acceleration down the field are all things that our other guys just don't have. Crabtree is pretty close, but I don't think he is as quick out of his breaks or as sure-handed (too many bounce off his hands). So simply put, Kyle Williams has played like a number 1 or 2 wide receiver. Yet SOO many times over the past couple games I've been left screaming "PUT WILLIAMS ON THE FIELD" to no avail. Our offense is stalling in the red zone, and that's largely because Ginn is only dangerous once he gets up to speed (which takes some space) which basically leaves the defense only needing to worry about the run game and Crabtree (and occasionally a TE). All I'm saying is, START KYLE WILLIAMS! (Also worth mentioning, for the second game this year, there was at least one instance where there was a DEFENSIVE END in single coverage on Williams! I mean cmon!)

The other thing that bothers me about Greg Roman is his playcalling. For the most part it's all right, but in the red-zone it falls apart. We need to get the dang ball in the end zone is we're going to stay competitive in the playoffs and the responsibility for that starts with Roman. For example, if Kyle Williams is really as dangerous as he has been so far, Roman HAS to call plays that use him. I'm not even asking for every play, just one or two here and there. Quite frankly, I think Roman only calls plays he knows his guys are likely to succeed at. That leads me to what might be limiting his play-calling selection...

Alex Smith

I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but Alex Smith just has to do a better job. He has some throws that are spot-on perfect, and others that are just HORRIBLE. I don't even know what to say about those throws to 20 feet over his head! He was able to get away with it today because we played the RAMS, but his inconsistency has been a nagging problem all season. Greg Roman has practically flat-out said that he doesn't call more screen plays because Alex isn't good at those. If you go back and look at film of Alex trying to throw a screen, that opinion is validated. He can do it some times, but that throw HAS to come out quick and be right on the money so the receiver can catch it and run with it. More often than not Alex throws that to the wrong shoulder or too far out of reach or just flat out misses it!

Putting aside the throwing ability of Alex Smith, it's also worth mentioning his handling of the line of scrimmage. He does a good job for the most part, but he is still prone to bone-headed mistakes like taking too long to get the snap off (and consequently getting flagged for delay of game). That just should not happen at this point in the season. You take a quick look at what the defense gives you, decide to kill or go with the play, and THEN YOU SNAP THE BALL! You don't hesitate, you don't change your mind and kill the play, you just live with your decision and snap the ball. The playclock should not get down to under 5 seconds as consistently as it has been.

(It's worth noting, Kaepernick looked great throwing the ball today. Every throw was in the perfect location for the receiver, including one example of perfect accuracy when throwing awkwardly on the run. Greg Roman also clearly trusts his throwing ability. It's a little bit intriguing to me that when Kaep got in there we started out throwing the ball A LOT! That was interesting considering there were still more than 6 minutes left. If the Rams had gotten a pick-six there was a lot of time left for them to make things interesting. Also, whatever this tells you, it looked like two of Kaep's 3-4 passing plays highlighted the crossing route. That's something I haven't really seen when Smith is in there.)

POSITIVE Mention...

Aldon Smith!

Aldon Smith is a man-beast. I think everybody knows that by know. However, I wanted to mention what I think his nickname should be. I know a college player already has this, but Aldon Smith is THE Honey-Badger! He's fierce, tenacious, and (as evidenced by his epic sack celebration) he doesn't give a sh*t. I can totally see that sack right now with the honey-badger narration:

"Now look at this, the snake's up in the tree. Honey-Badger don't care, Honey-Badger don't give a shit, it just takes what it wants!"

That is SOO Aldon Smith! QB's can run, they can hide in trees, WHATEVER; Aldon Smith doesn't care, he doesn't give a shit, he just takes what he wants. :D

I'll leave you with this last adapted Honey-Badger quote:

"...The Honey-Badger is getting blocked like a thousand times, he doesn't care, he doesn't give a shit. It's just , he's hungry. He doesn't care about getting blocked. NOTHING can stop the Honey-Badger when he's hungry!"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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