Something that caught my eye in the fan forum

As most of you today between the hours of 7 and 8 pm I was constantly hitting the refresh button on the fan forum page. The one thing that jumped out at me was that Harbaugh and Baalke look at the intangibles of a player before they draft him. They look at how hard he works and how bad he wants it before they look at how much they can bench or how deep they can throw. So I decided to revise my initial selections for the 49ers and pick players based off of intangibles and then there skill set. The two players that come to mind are Colin Kaepernick and Jake Locker.

Jake Locker: The man has practically carried the weight the the sub par husky team for as long as he has started. In times that the huskies needed a clutch performance out of him he delivered(check back to both USC games from this year and last year). He is obviously the leader of that team and shows it in the way he carries himself. The one thing that really drives people away is his accuracy. Out of the pocket he has above average accuracy and in the pocket he has a little below sub par accuracy. In search of an answer to this problem I looked over a few game tapes of him and found that when he is in the pocket he generally does not take a big step when throwing the football witch leads to throwing off of his back foot. I think his problems can easily be corrected by Harbaugh and co. and we can really make a winner out of him if we decide to take him.


Colin Kaepernick: Before Kaepernick burst on to the seen 4 years ago nobody even knew that Nevada had a football program and if they did they knew it was a sub par one at best. From his first game against Boise St. to his last against Boston College he showed he was the unquestioned leader of that program. The one thing that the coaches really underlined about Kaepernick was his work ethic and passion for the game. They said that he constantly outworked everyone else. On top of being the hardest worker on the team he is a brilliant student with a 4.4 GPA. Mentally this kid is all you would want at the QB position. The only real nock on him is his delivery of the football and that he played in a pistol offense in the WAC. He showed at the senior bowl that he had no problem with dropping back in the pocket so that would take care of that but his slow and unorthodox release is not exactly fixable at this point.


Ryan Mallett: Mallett is an interesting prospect with his 6'7 frame and his huge arm. There is no question in my mind that the guy has passion for the game and that he is a leader. He pretty much carried that Arkansas team on his back on took them to a bowl game this year. Unfortanetly the fact that he threw that game losing pick really puts me off. I would rank locker higher because when the game is on the line you want a qb you can rely on and Locker has proved it numerous times. But even so, Mallett has a lot of upside and should be taken into heavy consideration.


Based on the criteria Harbaugh and Baalke lay out (intangibles first, skills second) who do you think would fit the criteria? Please Discuss in comments section.

Colin Kaepernick (via TheBrotherBlog)

Colin Kaepernick highlights

Washington O vs USC D 2010 (via JoshMTD)

Jake Locker highlights of his last second victory of USC

Alabama D vs Arkansas O 2010 (via JoshMTD)

Video of Ryan Mallett vs Arkansas

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