My Entertaining Pipe Dream (No Justin Bieber involved!)

This is really just to start discussion and for the fun of imagining things that would probably work but will never actually happen...

This draft has a lot of early round talented guys that could really help us.  We have several positions that could use an upgrade, some that really MUST be upgraded.  If Baalke and Jed are as serious as they seem to be about winning right away, why not invest our future in the present?  By this I mean trading our late round picks this year, or any/all of next year's draft picks for picks this year.  After the jump I have a created one purely hypothetical, never gonna happen draft situation based on this scenario.  Please discuss in the comments.  Would this really be that terrible of an idea?  Maybe you like different players in those spots, but is the idea of piling up all these picks a good idea?

Trade next year's 1st and one of this year's 7th for another first this year.

Trade next year's 2nd and 6th for another first for this year.

Trade this year's 5th and remaining 6 and 7 for another first for this year.

Trade next year's 4 and 5 for a late 2nd for this year.

Trade something for another 2nd this year.

It would look like this:

3 first round picks (Von Miller, Ras-I Dowling, Prince Amakumara)

3 second round picks (Christian Ponder, Casey Matthews, Phil Taylor)

2 fourth round picks (Owen Marecic, and Greg Mcelroy as a good backup in case Ponder continues having injury problems)

Let Franklin walk, let Lawson walk, let Will James walk, Let Sims walk, cut Haralson, cut Clements, cut Demetric Evans, cut Snyder, cut NORRIS, don't resign TKO (love the guy, but he's not our future and Matthews has serious beast potential either on the outside or the inside).

Offensive Line
To me, this is a big, big question mark.  I think it's clear that Rachal is inconsistent enough to be benched.  More than that, when you've got a massive, passionate, ranked-as-high-as-1st round before alcohol guy like Alex Boone on your team, I think you've got to give him a try at Right Guard.  Now that he has gotten his act together, he may even have the talent to be a solid starting LT for some teams.  Seems to me that Guards are just guys who aren't quite quick enough or their arms are too short to play tackle.  Why couldn't a really talented tackle be at least a solid guard?

So yeah, in an ideal world I would like to see Sims walk, Rachal would get cut.  Boone would start at Right Guard, and Tony Wragge and mebbe Snyder would be our backups (Boone could slide over to LT if Staley got hurt again).


Safety Situation

This definitely leaves me worried about the safety situation, as Goldson is inconsistent at best, and Taylor Mays is going to continue having some struggles for a while.  Dowling and Amakumara would help a lot, but it might still be nice to have a solid veteran to mentor these guys and fill-in during a crucial situation if the young bucks are blowing it.

Veteran QB

I'd also love it if we could somehow get rid of Carr and get Shaun Hill back. The guy can start and put his team in a position to win if the usual starter is hurt.  He only left because he was too good and was scaring Alex.  His main draw-back is his noodle arm, but that wouldn't be nearly as big a problem in the West Coast Offense.  He is a very solid, very humble veteran who would be a great mentor to our young guys.

Anyway, that would leave our roster looking like this:

Prince Amakumara,
Ras-I Dowling,
Shawntae Spencer,
Phillip Adams,
Tremaine Brock (Practice Squad)

Phil Taylor
Ricky Jean-Francois (backup)

Justin Smith
Isaac Sopooaga
Ricky Jean Francois (on a rotation with Ice Baby)
Will Tukuafu

Von Miller
Ahmad Brooks
Travis Laboy
Thaddeus Gibson
(Casey Matthews/Navarro Bowman?)

Patrick Willis
Navarro Bowman
Casey Matthews
Scott McKillop (Special Teams Captain, emergency backup)

Dashon Goldson
Reggie Smith
Taylor Mays
Curtis Taylor or Chris Maragos

Christian Ponder
Greg Mcelroy
David Carr/Shaun Hill

Frank Gore

Anthony Dixon

Brian Westbrook or an UFA



Vernon Davis

Delanie Walker

Nate Byham



Owen Marecic

Nate Byham (backup)

Michael Crabtree
Dominique Ziegler
Kyle Williams/Josh Morgan (Depending on the play-call)
Ted Ginn (emergency fill-in)

David Baas/Wragge

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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