Fanview: Who gets drafted #7 poll continued…


Hello All,

I am a Vikings fan... I'm not coming here to berate or demean any 49ers, team, players or fans.

I am simply here to try an experiment...

Panthers have the #1 pick in the draft, Broncos #2, Buffalo #3,  Bengals #4, Cardinals #5, Browns #6, then the 49ers have # 7. I am curious to see from a fan's point of view, how accurate we can be at predicting what our teams might do in the draft.


So, in order, I started with the Panthers fans. Their decision was:

D. Bowers – 1 vote
A.J. Green – 31 votes
C. Newton – 6 votes

N. Fairley – 33 votes

P. Peterson – 7 votes
Other – 1 Vote
Trade Down – 12 votes

Total of 91 votes…

With the #1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Nick Fairley.

Results here:


Next, I was onto the Bronco's... Their decision was:

D. Bowers – 109 votes

P. Peterson – 100 votes
P. Amukamara – 2 votes
J. Smith – 1 vote
A.J. Green – 1 vote
C. Newton – 1 vote
R. Mallett – 1 vote
B. Gabbert – 0 votes
Other/Trade Down – 32 votes

Write in Vote:
M. Dareus – approx 6-8 votes (doesn’t matter, wasn’t near enough)

Total of 247 votes…

With the #2 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Denver Bronco's select Da'Quan Bowers

Results here:


Next, I was onto Buffalo. Their decision was:

A.J. Green – 67 votes

P. Peterson – 315 votes

P. Amukamara – 4 votes
R. Quinn – 19 votes
M. Dareus – 232 votes
J. Locker – 29 votes
R. Mallett – 8 votes
B. Gabbert – 67 votes
C. Newton – 30 votes
Other / Trade Down – 96 votes

Total of 867 votes…

With the #3 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Patrick Peterson

Results are here:


Next I was onto Cincinnatti, their decision was:

A.J. Green
120 total votes

M. Dareus
30 total votes
C. Newton
21 total votes
R. Quinn
15 total votes
B. Gabbert
13 total votes
R. Mallett
6 total votes
J. Locker
5 total votes
P. Amukamara
2 total votes
C. Jordan
1 votes
Other / Trade Down
15 votes

Total of 228 Votes...

With the #4 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cincinatti Bengals select A.J. Green

Results are here:


Next, I was onto Arizona, their decision was a close one:

Here are the final results:

R. Quinn – 40 votes
M. Dareus – 3 votes
C. Jordan – 0 votes

V. Miller – 41 votes

P. Amukamara – 11 votes

B. Carter – 0 votes
C. Newton – 7 votes
J. Locker – 3 votes
R. Mallett – 5 votes
B. Gabbert – 6 votes
Other / Trade Down – 13 votes

Total of 129 votes

With the #5 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Von Miller

Results are here:


R. Quinn - DE  - 37 votes

M. Dareus - DT - 21 votes

C. Jordan - DE/DT - 13 votes

P. Amukamara - CB - 29 votes

Aldon Smith - DE/OLB - 1 votes

N. Solder - OT - 5 votes

C. Newton - QB - 0 votes

J. Locker - QB - 1 votes

R. Mallett - QB - 0 votes

B.Gabbert - QB - 1 votes

J. Jones - WR - 15 votes

Other - Trade Down (Specify Below) - 17 votes

Total of 140 Votes

With the # 6 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Robert Quinn


I will be giving 49er's fans several days to hash out what you think your team will do / should do with the 5th pick of the draft.

Next I will move on to the Titan's site and let them know what you, as the fans have decided. I will take your pick off the board, then let them hash it out for the #8 pick of the draft... then continue on in 2011 draft order:

  1. Carolina (2-14)          Nick Fairley
  2. Denver (4-12)            Da'Quan Bowers
  3. Buffalo (4-12)            Patrick Peterson
  4. Cincinnati (4-12)        A.J. Green
  5. Arizona (5-11)           Von Miller
  6. Cleveland (5-11)        Robert Quinn
  7. San Francisco (6-10)??????????????
  8. Tennessee (6-10)
  9. Dallas (6-10)
  10. Washington (6-10)
  11. Houston (6-10)
  12. Minnesota (6-10)

So, I have cruised a few posts here at Niners Nation, and come up with some prospects that fans have been talking about (and a few prospects I added myself):


P. Amukamara - CB

J. Smith - CB

C. Newton - QB

J. Locker - QB

R. Mallett - QB

B. Gabbert - QB

M. Dareus - DT

C. Jordan - DE/DT

R. Kerrigan - DE

J. Jones - WR

N. Solder - OT

and leaving a choice for "Other" and "Trade Down". (SPECIFY WHO, THOSE WHO AGREE REPLY WITH +1)

* FROM HERE ON OUT: If the fan's are to select "Trade Down", it will be dually noted... I will move on noting, "49ers have chosen to trade down, but their selection will be the next highest amount of votes... unless:

(The process for trading down... I will give you the Trade Down (only) option IF...a representative from the "Niners Nation" site can get a SOLID agreement with a team (SBNation Blog) to trade the pick to. You would need to Poll a site, give them the offer, and win over their picks. I WILL NOT accept this offer if the margin of the poll is less than 15 votes. This process would need to be complete prior to the end of this Fanview poll closing.)

The whole process of trading down would be really difficult to move around, so if this is what the fans choose, the fans will need somebody to step in to make the pick. (I would need you guys to step up, and work this out on your own. I would post the results.)


Thank you for participating, and good luck!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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