Official NFL Draft/ Mock Draft Thread 03/15/11 [NEW]

From here on out, we are going to wrap the draft discussions and mock drafts in to one thread. So if you want to talk about the upcoming draft, or you'd like to post a mock draft, then this is the place to do it. Should you want to put together a mock draft with some depth and flesh it out in to a nice post, feel free to do it as a separate Fanpost. If your mock draft is not done in depth, or it is just comprised of players names (49ers wish list style), chances are it will be deleted and moved over to this post.

I was hoping to have another mock draft to attach to this post, but I am still waiting on a couple people to get me theirs.

So in the meantime, I wanted to do something a bit different. Something we haven't done here yet. I know a bunch of folks always seem to have questions for me. (I.E.) Someone asked me the other day what I look for in a quarterback? This is a chance to ask me any questions that you may have regarding the draft. I will do my best to answer. 

Please keep the questions respectful and honest. If I feel that the question is in some way disrespectful, chances are it's not going to get answered. I am more than happy to answer any and all questions, but I do expect a certain level of respect.


Here now is rlott#42's mock draft...

Carolina Panthers- Patrick Peterson CB LSU - Drew K was right about Peterson, Patrick Peterson is potentially a better prospect than Eric Berry, yes, coming from my own opinion, that is saying a lot.  Hands down best overall player in the draft.  This draft is deep with D Lineman, if the right coach is there, you have to take Peterson.  Special Teams can win games, he has value there, and he can play, the kid showed his speed in the combine and the hype will be proven to be what it has been "hyped" up to be.  

Denver Broncos – Nick Fairley DT Auburn - Fairley is the only other player I would consider #1 overall besides Peterson, nasty interior lineman.  If he loves to play football,  he will be a cornerstone DT for years to come or 3-4 DE, depending on the defense.  

Buffalo Bills – Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson - The Bills are being built in the right direction.  There offensive line needs an upgrade, but I don’t think offensive Tackles will be popular like last year and they will add a lineman in the 2nd.  Sorry everyone, the Bills will not let Patrick Peterson slip by them with a Darrelle Revis, in their own division.  Bills go with Bowers to add to the pass rush and aide the run defense as well.  

Cincinnati Bengals – Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri – The Bengals should be taking Palmer very seriously.  Whether the deal is done now or later, the deal has to be done.  The Bengals will take the best QB ready to win now, or you can say they will be betting a lot of money hoping so.  The CBA is killing this team, without being able to trade Palmer now, their future is very ugly.  In this position I would move Palmer go BPA and wait for a better draft class next year.  Move Ocho, and this pick should be Julio Jones.  Yes Jones is above Green on my radar after the combine.  Green’s a better player right now, but who will be the best WR for years to come?  I’m betting Jones.  But, it’s the Bengals, and they may be hung on the hype.  I think in Cincy, he will bust, but could be better elsewhere.  

Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller Olb Texas A&M - Cardinals need to get  to the quarterback as much as they need one.  No chance they will go Newton at this spot.  Miller is potentially the pick here, and at 3 to the Bills is possible too.  

Cleveland Browns – Marcel Dareus DT Alabama – The Browns could select AJ Green or Julio Jones here.   With Jones available, They don’t pass up on a DT with potential like Dareus.  They gutted their D Line to free up cap space and a chunk of it will be spent here.  

San Francisco 49ers – Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska – The 49ers are in dire need of a QB.  However, I don’t see any QB’s worth taking at this pick, unless Harbaugh sees something in on of the top prospects not named Newton.  The 49ers add to a part of the defense that has struggled for a decade, the Secondary.  I definitely would look strongly at Jones with this pick.  He’s an AnDre Johnson in front of our eyes.  Damn Crabtree  

Tennessee Titians – Cam Newton QB Auburn – The owner knew he would have to get rid of Fisher and Vince to get the QB he secretly covets.  Yes, he is going to do it again.  He will draft a QB that needs a lot of help with the position and not the staff to get it done.  McDaniels should have made their Head Coach.  

Dallas Cowboys – Robert Quinn DE North Carolina -  The Cowboys will not take a Tackle like they should.  While the Secondary didn’t do great, their pressure was not there.  Quinn would easily go early, but I have him slipping to the Boys, who will cash in with another monster Olb  

Washington Redskins- Jake Locker QB Washington - Shanahan will once again select his QB of the future, and he will do so in an arrogant and cocky manner.  Locker is a project, but he will  be a fun one for Shanahan and Family.  

Houston Texans – Julio Jones WR Alabama – The Texans need to start building their new 34 defense, however, their isn’t a player that fits the 34 worth taking over Jones.  The Texans passing game wasn’t impressive, and Jones and Johnson will be the combo that gets this team the division next year.  Their defense needs more than one player to become something to talk about.  

Minnesota Vikings - AJ Green WR Georgia - The Vikings will lose out on Rice, especially since there is a huge QB hole at that Franchise.  mcNabb will have Green as his favortie target in Minnesota.  The QB retirement home.   

Detroit Lions – Mark Ingram RB Alabama - Of course the Lions took Best last year, but they aren’t going to pass on Ingram.  Ingram is going to be great at the next level, early and often, his ball carrying vision is off the charts.  The running game comes back for the first time since Barry.  

St Louis Rams – Cameron Jordan DE California - If there isn’t a WR worth the pick, don’t get him.  because I don’t see one worth it now.  Rams add the the rush opposite Long on the DL, it’s still Spag’s team, WR will be addressed later in the draft.  

Miami Dolphins – Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas – Face it, the QB is a position of need in Miami.  Especially after adding a beast in the offseason.  The Dolphins add the gunslinger, they may be seeing shades of Marino, but those are mirages.  The Dolphins are this years bad pick team.  

Jacksonville Jaguars – Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue – The Jags finally get one right, Kerrigan looks to have a league sized motor running.  Jags can get to Manning now, this division is shaking up to be quite interesting.  

New England Patriots – JJ Watt DE Wisconsin – New England still needs a beast DE.  This is why I can see them trading up in this draft potentially.  Sometimes you have to spend the money.  I could definitely see Pouncey going here, but DE and Olb rank high on my opinion in Billville.  

San Diego Chargers – Jimmy Smith CB Colorado - The Corners in SD are fool’s gold, this is a reach and possibly fool’s gold itself.  This Defensive backfield is what a great scheme and great pass rush can do for you.  But, you have Dr Bland as a DC not Rivera.  Welcome to Ninerville, the land of the dull.  SD will need corners, the scheme is very bland.  

New York Giants – Mike Pouncey C/G Florida – Giants opt to bolster the running game to aide their offense is being great.  Look for them to draft a couple of linebackers in later rounds.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Aldon Smith DE Missouri – The Buccs have to get to he passer from the edge.  A safety here is an option with 0 off of the board.  

Kansas City Chiefs – Jonathan Baldwin WR Pitt - I’ve heard that Baldwin’s stock is around the 2nd round.  However, the Chiefs need to add another WR, and a certain Coach Haley had fun with a certain big WR in Arizona.  Look for the chiefs to add another WR.  

Indianapolis Colts – Nate Soder T Colorado – Colts get the first shot at an OL and get a Beast on the OL in Indy.  

Philadelphia Eagles – Brandon Harris CB Miami - It’s always a puzzle when picking for the Eagles.  I think a lot of people seen the defensive struggles this year, and I can see clearly that the CB position needs to be addressed.  

New Orleans Saints – Akeem Ayers LB UCLA – Ayers will add some toughness to this soft defense.  After Lynch’s career highlight run in the playoffs, the Defense is definitely a problem in New Orleans.  

Seattle Seahawks – Stefen Wiesnewski G Penn State - The Seahawks needs more beef on the OL and Wiesnewski could be a beast on the OL.  

Baltimore Ravens – Adrian Claiborn DE Iowa - The Ravens defense didn’t look impressive up front.  Actually, the back 4 looked bad until Reed made it back.  Claiborn will provide a PR threat and rus stopping ability, I think he will be a solid 34 DE at the next level.  

Atlanta Falcons – Rahim Moore FS UCLA – The Falcons need to improve the pass defense, either from the CB position or the Safety position.  

New England Patriots – Martez Wilson ILB Illinois – The Pats front 7 is horrible vs the run and getting to the passer.  I think Mayo and Wilson will be very dynamic for the Pats.  

Chicago Bears – Tyron Smith USC T – The Bears need better lineman to try to minimize the "must be rated atop the league in sacks" offense.  

NY Jets – Brooks Reed OLB Arizona – After a good Senior Bowl and the leagues new found love for the 34 and the Jets need for a good pass rusher, Brooks Reed creeps into the first round.  The Jets need drastic help in this department from this position.  

Pittsburgh Steelers – Aaron Williams CB Texas – The Steelers will look to add to their most glaring weakness which has been and is the CB position.  Williams, if the buzz is true, could be great for an already nasty defense.  

Green Bay Packers – Rodney Hudson G Florida State – Hudson will be a great addition to the run game in Green Bay.  It appeared to be an area of weakness to me in the playoffs, but when your passing game is that exceptional, it’s a position that can be hidden.  With Hudson, there is no need.  great pick for the champs.

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