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    I know the tittle may have some readers all ready forming a rebuttal, but please hear me out. In the drama that is the NFL off season sides are being drawn, anti player, anti owner, and anti everyone I just want football. At first I was very much in the anti everyone just give me football camp, however, the more I heard and read the more I became anti player. Its not that I am pro owner, because I'm not, its just that that the NFLPA, thier leader and the players have done a lot to push me away. Please follow the jump to hear my reasons, or go ahead and post your replies why Im a money grubbing fan boy of the fascist owners.

     Thank you for following the jump. First off I want to say I respect the players for the years of hard work and sacrifice they put in for thier craft. I have an uncle who played for the St.Louis Cardinals and the New Orlean Saints as an o line man. His knees are defiantly bad, in fact three weeks ago he had them replaced. Hearing his stories and seeing the knots of scars that make up his knees have given me a keen respect for football players.

     Respect, however, only goes so far and will not gloss over everything.  One of the players complaints is owners want more of the pie and they don't think the owners should get it. They want the NFL to open up thier books for the last ten years to prove to them why the owners should get a slice from the top. First off, I didn't get a raise last year, no one at my place of employment did, if I went to my boss and demanded to see the books for the last ten years so I could have an accountant go over it and see if they really couldn't give me a raise I would be laughed out of the office or told to get back to work. If I persisted and threatened to strike, I would be told to go ahead and clean out my desk on the way out. The owners keep their own books, as long as its legally documented and the IRS has no problem with it, owners of any company shouldn't have to open up their books to their employees. This just goes to show how far removed the players have become from reality, from what its like to be an average person.

       I have read in numerous places that the minimum salary for 2010 was 325,000 dollars. Thats not counting incentives, signing bonus, or any sort of endorsement or mall opening money.  A man coming out of college at 22, now has 325,000 in his pocket. Bear with me here as I go through this next bit. With that money he could buy a house worth 225,000 for cash have no house payment at all.  Of course our rook or league minimum earner needs a ride, so he buys a car for 60,000, again no car payment just outright cash. That leaves him 40,000 to live off for the rest of the year. There are many single people who live off of 40,000 a year with a house payment/rent and a car payment.  Its also been said the average career is four years. So after the first year with a house and car our player now has to live off of 325,000 for the whole year. That's not counting he has no student loans for college and if he stayed all four years has a B.A or B.S to help him get a career after football.

      Say our football player plays four years, and saves nothing after the first year. For those of you who will say that he doesn't get the check all at once, by the end of his first year of playing football he can pay off his 225,000 house and 60,000 car free and clear. So after the first year he has no savings, say he puts away 100,000 and spends 225,000. Say he only gets 5 percent interest a month on his 100,000 so that's 5,000 a month in interest which in a year comes out to 60,000. He makes 60,000 a year in interest so at the end of year 3 of his career he will have 160,000 from his previous balance plus the 100,000 he puts away. So at the start of of his fourth year he will have almost half a million dollars saved up and living off of 225,000 a year. Again that's only base pay, no incentives, no shoe deals, no endorsements.  I really can't feel for the players when they bring up how much money the owners all ready have. A 26 year old who has no college debt, played 4 years in the NFL, spent 225,000 a year as disposable income and has almost a half million in the bank has no room to talk about money.  Again by 26 years old this player will have made more then most people will in 20 years.  This further demonstrates just how far from reality the players have drifted. They live in a world of millions while the rest of us live off what they make in interest or less a year.

      The last point I will make is that they sacrifice their body for their money. I'm sorry but that doesn't hold much water with me. Here are six professions that all take a toll on the body and don't even come close to making half what a bottom rung player makes in the NFL. In no particular order, miner, fisherman(crab,haddock,lobster), construction worker, soldier, steel or iron mill worker, lumberjack*not the Monty Python version, more like the modern logger*.  All of those professions have deaths that occur every year they take years and limbs from those who work in that profession and again, they don't make any where near what an NFL player makes.  I know football is a hardcore sport, but there are many more jobs that are just as gruelling and punishing if not more so.  They play a game that has no real world counterpart, would any of these players make anywhere near what they do if they didn't play football?  Then add to it the ignorant comments about the NFL being like modern slavery. I'm sure that slaves everywhere can get up and leave work and change professions when they want, or are treated as celebrities.

    I do love the game of football, and I have man crushes on many of the 9ers, its just hard to see their point of view when with a bit of common sense and money management they could take of themselves and their families for life. They could retire at age 30, yet all we hear is how greedy the owners are. The owners are business men who have made it in the world, without the NFL they would still have millions, without the NFL very few of the players would enjoy the lifestyle they have now. 

    As I said I don't hate the players or love the owners, I just find it hard to sympathise with the players on any of their points. As a soldier I earned less and faced more pain and grueling days then they ever will. My father had two back surgeries and continues to work to provide for himself and my mother, I have friends that take two jobs to keep their families fed and in a home. I'm sure many of you are paying off college debts, budgeting best you can and trying to make sure your ends meet every month we are all sacrificing. For those reasons I find it hard to support the players, they have become so used to what NFL normal is they can no longer see what it is like to live a normal life.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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