Groupthink QB

Hello guys/gals. Dolphin fan here. I think Niner Nation has insightful fans so I just wanted to get your opinion of this QB class. I believe your team is looking for a starter like mine (Or at least someone to compete with our current starter). So I'm sure you guys have been discussing this QB class. I'll share my thoughts and also give my opinion of the general consensus of Phinsider of this QB class. And I would like your feedback.



Me - I don't like him at all. He ran a gimmicky offense. He's a one year wonder that struggled with accuracy. It did get better at the end, but his mechanics are bad. His footwork also needs a lot of work and he has poor pocket presence. I think he needs to be on the bench if he's going to make it in the league for at least 2 years.

Phinsider- I think most like him because he has tremendous upside. But we don't talk about drafting him because he out of our reach (15th pick).


Me- I Love Newton and he could fall. But I think he brings a lot to the table. He has good mechanics despite what some say. Take a look for yourself. It's a tight motion, fast, accurate, and the ball comes out high. It is a little funky but those are four things you want form a mechanical stand point. His footwork is bad. However, he's shown he can improve it. I think that's why his accuracy improved last season. But there's still lots of work left to be done there. (I would take bad foot work over throwing mechanics any day) People think he is a scrambling QB (giving up on the pass to run), but that is a myth. He mostly ran on designed scrambles and passed when he was asked to.

Phinsder- 50/50 love/hate. No shade of grey.


I don't like Mallett. It's not because of his question marks off the field. We know they could be rumors so I don't take that into account. While he can make some brilliant deep passes I don't see anything else beside is height to make me like him. He has a high completion percentage but with poor ball placement especially in short to medium ranges. That will kill YAC. He can make all the throws and has good foot work. BUT, it's a different story when facing pressure. He's basically a super hot chick with std's. 

Phinsider- The majority love him because he is showing up big time on the path to the draft. Pro days, combine, whatever. But none feature a 300 lb-er trying to absorb him.  


I hate him. One word: accuracy. 55.4 his senior year. That's awful.

Phinsider. Most don't like him. Some say he played on a bad team which killed his completion ratio. But I'm not buying that after the senior bowl practices. 


Love him. He is great at almost everything so I'll talk about the negatives. He stares down his receivers but he showed improvement last year. He needs to work on developing better pocket presence, but that to has showed improvement. He doesn't have the strongest arm but he has enough to make it in this league. He's isn't sacred of taking the hit to make the pass and that adds to his injury concerns. I actually wont be upset if Miami drafts him at 15.

Phinsider most love him only half would be ok with him at 15.


I like him as a developing project. I think Josh Freeman when I see him. He has everything to work on, but he carries the IT factor. His leadership, confidence, and potential will make someone happy if they take the time to develop him.

Phinsider- We like him, but most wont want to see him drafted because he's a long term project.


He has all the "numbers" on his side saying he has the best chance of being a franchise QB. I love his leadership but I don't think he has an NFL arm. He doesn't get enough zip on the ball. He has to work on mechanics (ball comes out low), footwork, and learn a pro system. All four are a recipe for doom. He also played on one of the best balance team I've ever seen. Can he do the same with more pressure on his shoulders. I'm not saying he wont make it in this league. But if he was "plan A" as the starting QB I would be very weary.

Phinsider - There's a lot of love for him. Especially for those looking for a value pick.


Me - I like this guy a lot. Call it a hunch, call me crazy, but I think he will be a good player in this league. He played better vs better competition for some reason. I like his moxie. He has enough arm to make it in this league despite what scouts say. For some reason he reminds me of an athletic Brady (btw they said Brady had a weak arm to). He has good foot work, mechanics, accuracy, pocket presence, ability to handle pressure, leadership, football IQ. He Just oozes the "IT" factor to me. Sometimes he tries to throw the ball in places he shouldn't. That could easily be coached out but at least he has guts. I don't know what happen at the combine but he was accurate his senior year. I think someone will get a steal with him. He is my third favorite QB behind Newton and Ponder. He is my sleeper pick of the draft. 

Phinsider - Generally there isn't much love for him. But I find it surprising there are a couple of others with me on this. Groupthink? I don't know. Thoughts? Who do you like? Do you like someone I didn't highlight?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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