#MockTre Twitter Draft - Round 1

There will be a mock draft taking place beginning Monday morning on Twitter around 8AM PST/11AM EST.  The order is posted below along with the twitter users who will play GM for each pick.


Trades ARE allowed but only as per current NFL Draft rules, which state only draft picks may be traded and NO players may be traded, neither under contract nor recently drafted.


It's pointless...we'll never see those picks mocked out in this draft so why bother.

There is a 2 hour time-limit on each pick.  You will be notified by direct message (might want to set your Twitter to notify you via email and/or text when you receive a DM) when you are on deck and on the clock.  You may send in your top few choices ahead of time if you like, otherwise I may select a punter from Alaska in your stead.

ALL PICKS AND/OR TRADES MUST BE DIRECT MESSAGED OR EMAILED TO ME!  My email address is in the event you will be away from Twitter but yet somehow able to email.  I would recommend both parties DM me trades, otherwise I will have to make a determination based on tweets back and forth whether or not it was a mutual agreement (if I cannot reach you).

Value Round Overall Team From Thru GM Selection
3000 1 1 CAR @manraj76 Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri
2600 1 2 DEN @myfriendsftw Marcel Dareus - DT - Alabama
2200 1 3 BUF @Drawnitsud Von Miller - LB - Texas A&M
1800 1 4 CIN @joegoodberry A.J. Green - WR - Georgia
1700 1 5 ARI @cassusriff Da'Quan Bowers - DE - Clemson
1600 1 6 CLE @ninnyjams Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU
1500 1 7 SF @Tre9er Prince Amukamara - CB - Nebr
1400 1 8 TEN @Drawnitsud Nick Fairley - DT - Auburn
1350 1 9 DAL @joegoodberry Tyron Smith - OT - USC
1300 1 10 WAS @myfriendsftw Julio Jones - WR - Alabama
1050 1 11 MIA HOU @grantmp1 Cam Newton - QB - Auburn
1200 1 12 MIN @GilAlcarazIV Robert Quinn - DE - N. Carolina
1150 1 13 DET @grantmp1 Cameron Jordan - DE - Cal
1100 1 14 STL @bhoy_oh_bhoy Mark Ingram - RB - Alabama
1250 1 15 HOU MIA @Jason_Madson Akeem Ayers - LB - UCLA
1000 1 16 JAC @joegoodberry Christian Ponder - QB – Florida St
950 1 17 NE OAK @wTheFirstPick Aldon Smith - DE - Missouri
900 1 18 SD @GilAlcarazIV J.J. Watt - DE - Wisconsin
875 1 19 NYG @yougomango Mike Pouncey - G/C - Florida
850 1 20 TB @grantmp1 Justin Houston - DE - Georgia
800 1 21 KC @wTheFirstPick Phil Taylor - DT - Baylor
780 1 22 IND @bhoy_oh_bhoy Cam Heyward - DT - Ohio State
760 1 23 PHI @ninnyjams Anthony Castonzo - OT - BC
590 1 24 GB NO @yougomango Gabe Carimi - OT - Wisconsin
720 1 25 SEA @wTheFirstPick Muhammad Wilkerson - DT - Temple
700 1 26 BAL @GilAlcarazIV Brandon Harris - CB – Miami
680 1 27 ATL @LaSportsDude Ryan Kerrigan - DE - Purdue
660 1 28 NE @wTheFirstPick Nate Solder - OT - Colorado
640 1 29 CHI @indepthscouting Derek Sherrod – OT - Miss. St
620 1 30 NYJ @yougomango Corey Liuget - DT - Illinois
600 1 31 HOU SF PIT @Jason_Madson Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado
740 1 32 CIN NO GB @joegoodberry Andy Dalton - QB - TCU

Here is the Twitter list for all of the above GM's

Here is the 2011 NFL Draft Order (complete).

Fabulous resource with Draft order, points values, filters, sortable, etc.

Here is a Trade Value Chart

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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