What would give up to get Kevin Kolb?

                                     Eagles fan here.You 49ers fans need a franchise QB,Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will be gone by draft day,there are no other free agent QB's and the other two tradeable QB's are old bums like Carson Palmer and Dmcnabb,Kolb is your best option.If you want to learn more about him,don't worry,I'll show you what he did for us when he started and finished the game.

      First ever NFL start vs. New Orleans:

 Highlights:In his first ever start,Kolb throws for a whopping 391 yards and 2 Touchdowns,a 71 yarder to Desean Jackson and a three yard strike to Jason Avant.

Lowlights:He throws for three picks as well,including one to Darren Sharper which resulted in a 97yard return.Results in a 48-22 loss

Overall statistics:391 yards,2 TD's,3 picks  31/51(61%)


Vs Kansas City:

 Highlights:Becomes the first QB ever to throw for 300 yards in each of his first two starts(not even Kurt Warner did this)becomes,Throws for two TD's(A 64 yard rainbow to Desean Jackson and a 35 yard beauty to Brent Celek.) and 0 picks.Kolb becomes the Fedex air player of the week.This is why Donovan McNabb got traded.Eagles won 34-14


Overall statistics:327 yards 2TD's 24/34  70%


Washington*(Kolb didn't start but played for most of the game)

Highlights:He doesnt have a great game,however he throws for one touchdown in replacement of Micheal Vick.His only interception was on a Hail Mary that was dropped by Jason Avant.

Lowlights:Leads only one touchdown drive and the Eagles offense was disfunctional.Eagles lost 12-17

Stats:22/35 1TD 1INT 201 yds


San Fransisco:

Highlights:Throws for one touchdown pass to Celek and you guys mistaked him for Micheal Vick on his 3rd and 18 scramble.Leads Eagles to a 27-24 victory

Lowlights:Could have led more TD drives,but was otherwise good

23/31 253 yards 1TD



Highlights:He threw for three TD's(A 34yarder to Djax,a 83 yard rainbow  to Jeremy Maclin and another 8 yarder to Maclin.He could have thrown for six touchdowns if it werent for the swirlng winds at Philly and a gruesome concussion to Desean.Named Fedex air pleyer of the week in a31-17 win

Lowlights:Had an interception(But the wind was swirling)

Stats:23/29 3TD's 1INT 326 yards.



Highlights:Throws for 1 TD to Riley Cooper.

Lowlights:Throws for 2 Picks,one being on a hail mary.Lost 37-19 without Action Jackson.Highly inaccurate

Stats:26/48 231 yards 1TD 2 INT's


Note:I did not count Dallas because we were resting our starters.







This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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