#RapidMock 49ers Draft Haul

We held yet another Twitter mock draft this April (I've gotta pry myself away from these things...did about 6 of them in a month).  It was known as RapidMock because we set the timer at 15 minutes per pick.  Most drafts have hours per pick, making the draft take weeks to complete all seven rounds.  We sought out to get all seven rounds done in a week, and we did.

Anyways, here is the link to the team-by-team "hauls", or each team's draft picks, however you want to label it.  We've begun receiving grades for the drafts and while I don't have a 49ers draft-grader, I thought, "Why not just post it on NinersNation and see what my fellow die-hards think of it?"

After the jump I'll post the 49ers haul and a few quick notes (which I may add to later)


SF 1 7     @Tre9er Robert Quinn – OLB – North Carolina
SF 2 45     @Tre9er Steven Paea – DT – Oregon State
SF 2 64 GB   @Tre9er Ricky Stanzi – QB – Iowa
SF 4 108     @Tre9er Johnny Patrick – CB – Louisville
SF 5 146 MIA   @Tre9er Buster Skrine – CB – UT Chattanooga
SF 5 154 DET   @tre9er Jacquizz Rodgers – RB – Oregon St
SF 6 174     @Tre9er Cory Grant – DT – TCU
SF 7 231 NYJ DET @Tre9er Henry Hynoski – FB – Pittsburgh
SF 7 239     @Tre9er T.J. Yates – QB – North Carolina
SF 7 250     @Tre9er Jeremy Kerley – WR – TCU

I've softened on Quinn some since making this pick, but with Peterson and Miller gone and no trade-down options, I figured why not get arguably the best pass-rusher in the draft.  Quinn is athletic enough to eventually develop into what Manny Lawson should have been: a 3-down stud at OLB.

Paea was a pure value pick as he's got first-round talent and could potentially rotate in at NT as well as 5-tech.  I went all Ted Thompson on this one.

Stanzi is a guy I think can come in and learn the offense quickly due to playing in a pro-style system and being coached by NFL-coveted Kirk Ferentz.  He's a gym-rat, film-rat, great character, leadership, has enough of an arm though not a cannon, and I think he's a Harbaugh pick all the way.  Chances are we're not going to start a rookie in this shortened off-season anyways, and when Ponder went to Jacksonville WAY early in the 1st round (as well as other QB's once the "run" started), I made my plans accordingly.

Johnny Patrick is a high-upside pick at CB and could come in and compete for Nickel back right away, with the potential to start on the outside by 2012.  Buster Skrine is a small-school speedster who plays hard and should develop into a solid rotational CB for his career.

Jaquizz Rogers is a tough little guy who CAN run inside as well as outside.  Perfect change of pace for Gore, adding dimensions in the passing game as well.  Cory Grant is a great late-round value at the NT position and I guy who can 2-gap, be a space-eater.  With Aubrayo Franklin not under contract the 49ers may be faced with a gaping hole (literally) in the middle of their 3-4 defense.

Hynoski is a big, physical FB from Pittsburgh, former college to several current 49ers.  TJ Yates is a smart kid who many feel could develop on the path that Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady were on...sitting for a few years and ending up a pretty good player.

Kerley is good depth at WR, a position always needed in camp, and has upside to get on the field one day.

So give it to me straight: What do you think of this draft?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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