Madden 12 Suggestions

Despite ongoing Labor Issues, EA Sports plans on releasing the 2012 verions of Madden NFL this August. Every year, EA Sports attempts to add improvements to the game we've all come to love whether it be through features or tweaks. I've been playing Madden games for many years now, and I personally love the games. There are, however, a few additions I think that EA should make in order to improve on the overall "football experience" while playing. Here they are...



True Homefield Advantage

On both the PS3 and X360 versions, you can "pump up the crowd" while on defense by clicking in the left thumbstick. This causes the crowd to increase their cheering, but not by much. First off, if you've ever been to a professional football game, you'd know that when the home crowd sees one or more of their players trying to get them pumped up, the crowd goes nuts, making as much noise as physically possible. In some stadiums, the noise can become deafening. Also, this surely causes problems for the opposing team, since the offensive line will have a harder time hearing the snap count, and generally, it can give the QB some extra nervousness. With that said, EA needs to make it more significant once the crowd really starts to cheer. The lack of many stadiums in Madden 11 chanting "DEFENSE!" was also a downer. Plus, to add even more of an experience to the game, the opposing players controller should begin to vibrate to the beat of a fast-beating heart. That'd be neat!


Real Daylight Elapse

Now THIS feature could set apart Madden 12 from every other Madden ever made since this has  never been done in a sports game ever. If a game begins a 1:00pm, in real life the game would be over about 3 hours later. The daylight displayed in the game should show that time has passed in the game as well by having the sun drop lower and lower each quarter, so that by the time the game is over it is clear that it's later in the afternoon. Same goes for games that start at 4:15pm, by the end of the game, the sun should be down and it should look like a night game. A feature like this would show some great authenticity to the Madden franchise.


Larger Jersey Variety for the 49ers

This actually pisses me off to a certain extent. In the past few Madden games, EA Sports has left out two versions of 49er Jerseys that are classics: the jerseys of the 90's (the ones with the shadowed numbers) and the jerseys of the early 2000's (the ones with the darker red and outlined numbers). To me, those jerseys are significant because 1st, the 49ers won their 5th Superbowl while wearing the shadowed-numbered jerseys and 2nd, the 49ers wore the outlined-numbered jerseys the last time they went to the playoffs. I don't know why EA insists on leaving out these versions. Other teams such as the Broncos and the Cowboys have tons of variations. Why not the Niners!?


Well, if you have any other features/additions you'd like to see in Madden 12 lets hear 'em!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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