49ers Definitely have Upside

49er's drafting philosophy: It wouldn't surprise me if Trent Baalke's favorite offseason hobby is Russian sled bungee jumping. When you combine this year's draft and last year's draft you'll find a trend of risky picks.  Coming out in 2010, Anthony Davis was said to be lazy, Taylor Mays was/is raw, and Bowman was caught twice at Penn State for marijuana related violations. This year our first three picks are projected as developmental players. Baalke had 12 picks coming into the draft and wasn't afraid to trade up to get the guy he wanted. Even if you disagree with the trades, it's better the 49ers are active with the draft rather than passive and sitting on their hands.

Aldon Smith - A passionate football player that exudes toughness. We've heard the stories by now; he played through a broken leg and received praise from the top defensive player picked in the draft, Von Miller. He's a long lanky guy that's very handsy. He's a tad thin though analysts are saying. He was projected to be a 4-3 OLB. He definitely looks the part, but we'll have to be patient with him. ProFootballFocus, an advanced stat site, seem to love our pass rushers. Parys Halarson, Manny Lawson, and Travis LaBoy are all more than adequate pass rushers according to them. Possibly, Manusky's conservative style of defense could be the reason for the lack of sacks from the OLB position.

Colin Kaepernick - If you didn't hear enough about Kaepernick from Drew K throughout the draft season, just imagine how much you'll hear about him since he's on the team. The guy has a catapult for an arm. But as we already know, (since we've all played Age of the Empire at some point in time) catapults take precious time to load. On intermediate and short throws that aren't bullets, his release actually looks about average. He played in a very gimmicky offense called, "The Pistol". Should be interesting to see how well he can translate to making progressions to different receivers in the NFL. Hopefully he keeps the frame he measured in with at the combine, because in college the guy was a toothpick. Durability would have been a concern if he had not filled out his frame. Former baseball pitcher, but can he slide is the important question. In my mind, I think Harby sees him as a Josh Johnson (Buccaneer). A guy that can take off when pressure surrounds him and undoubtedly has been very productive.

Chris Culliver - Never noticed the guy in any South Carolina games. Stephon Gilmore was the team's lockdown cornerback. Obviously, just by looking at the combine numbers, he's athletic. It's a bonus he can play as a kick returner. Keep in mind though, value of kick returners this year are lessened since kickoffs are moving up five yards to protect special teams players.

Kendall Hunter - Anthony "loses his feet" Dixon spell back duties should be handed to Hunter from the get-go. Hunter is a fast, powerful (relative to size) runner, with hands to come out of the backfield and catch passes. Personally, what I like running backs to do, is to have little to no wasted movement coming in and out of they're cuts - Hunter does exactly that.

Daniel Kilgore - Can only go based off what was played on ESPN. The guy looks like a savvy pass blocker, but his run blocking could be a problem. Didn't see enough strength pushing defenders back.

Ronald Johnson - I believe chances are against him making the roster. We've got Crabtree, Morgan, Ginn, Williams, and fan favorite Ziegler on the team as of now. The problem being is, Johnson doesn't awe me in any particular way.

Colin Jones - Could be that TCU's field could just be fast, but this guy's pro-day numbers are absolutely ridiculous. 40-Time 4.38, 10-yard split(/dash) 1.44, and his 3-cone drill 6.69. Those are elite numbers. Taylor Mays and Jones as gunners in the punting game will be scary for opposing returners to face.

Bruce Miller - My favorite pick the 49ers made. Last year I was high on a guy named Torell Troup, who was picked by the Bills, noticed Miller's great jump off the line. He was just causing havoc on the defensive line, which is reflected in his stats with the 22 sacks in the two years.

Mike Person - Good size for a guard, but his 6'5 299lb frame translate to being more of a tackle usually in the NFL. According to Montana State Football's statisticians he didn't allow a sack last year, but with no one to double check it's possible they may be either lying or they don't know for themselves.

Curtis Holcomb - Another unknown. Fans should just hope he can live up to being the next Phillip Adams.



Seattle Seahawks' Philosophy: "Lets just draft big, tall players." - Scot McCloughan

James Carpenter - 6'5 300lbs. Expected to be RT.

John Moffitt - 6'5 323lbs. Guard

K.J Wright - 6'4 250lbs. OLB

Kris Durham - 6'5 209lbs. WR

Richard Sherman - 6'3 197lbs. CB (My favorite pick of their draft)

Mark LeGree - 6'0 200lb. FS

Bryon Maxwell - 6'1 200lbs.CB

Pep Levingston - 6'4 258lbs. OLB

Malcolm Smith - 6'1 225lbs. OLB



St Louis Rams' Philosophy: Meh.

Robert Quinn. DE (favorite pick)

Lance Kendricks. TE

Austin Pettis. WR

Greg Salas. WR

Jermale Hines. SS

Mikail Baker. CB

Jabara Williams. OLB

Jonathan Nelson. FS



Arizona Cardinals' Philosophy: We shall dominate this draft with an iron wing. Best draft in the NFC West by far.

Patrick Peterson. CB/S

Ryan Williams. RB (Favorite Pick)

Rob Housler. TE

Sam Acho. OLB

Anthony Sherman. FB

Quan Sturdivant. ILB

David Carter. DE

DeMarco Sampson. WR

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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