My Draft Theory / FA Fantasy

Maybe the Niners draft after round 2 was all about finding great special teamers, because they are looking to free agency once it starts to pick up some big time starters.

Say YES!  Say Amen, brother.  Because in my fantasy world, they have a secret plan. They are going after a few very specific players to fill in gaps of immediate need rather than relying on a rookie in need of a year's seasoning.

Assuming my fantasy comes true, here's who I would like to see us get / or re-sign:

Asomugha -- I know, I know. Biding war. . . But it would transform the D on the spot.

QB: Donovan McNabb, I know, I know. Harbuagh loves Alex Smith. But I don't. I'm sick of him losing games for us and I want a change that's an actual upgrade from Smith until Kaep is ready.


Dennis Dixon -- I know, I know. He would only want to be here if we considered him the QBOTF. Me too. But he might be! And he might be better than Kaep for a number of years. Let's say we sign him and he's great! Is that such a bad thing? 

I wonder if we could snare Green Bay's John Kuhn in FA as a FB!


Lawson, I think yes, for the right price.

Same with Clemons, only for the right price.

Then we either re-sign Goldson or try to sign Charlie Peprah from Green Bay. He's solid as a safety.

And last but not least, if we need a kicker, there's the possibility David Akers will be available. Also Prater from Denver.

This would max us out, if there's a cap, but with the draftees from round 3-7 being great special teamers (although I also like Ronald Johnson as a WR) they will not cost us a heck of a lot to sign. So why not spend the rest on great free agents and re-signing solid starters so we don't have to re-invent the wheel?

I know great teams build through the draft, but there have been plenty of free agents that have transformed teams. Reggie White was one! Bill Walsh pleaded with him to become a Niner, I remember. And more recently, Julius Peppers, Drew Brees, I mean, there are dozens of examples. So why not have both great drafts and great free agent signings?

If we do this, might we not be a playoff team by the end of the year, and a team getting better every game? Might we not be the Oklahoma Thunder, or the Memphis Grizzlies of the NFL?

Okay, who would you want to sign that is a free agent who is also most likely not going to re-sign with their team? (I left guys like that off the list.) Make your fantasy "realistic" please!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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