My 2011 53 man roster

I just read another fan post about this and I wanted to get out my opinion on it. BTW big props to Riding The F Train! Well written piece and good logic. I just feel a little differently.


#1 Alex Smith or D. McNabb (We will have a veteran QB)

#2 Colin Kaepernick

#3 David Carr


I think we will retain Carr versus bringing another rookie in. That gives two veterans surrounding Colin. But personally I want McNabb I feel he is honestly willing to mentor guys plus McNabb Is somewhat similar skill set as Colin they both were/are very athletic and have strong arms and are dangerous when on the move. Plus the obvious link which is that McNabb has STARED in a west coast offense. To me it makes more sense. And I know what Couch Har is thinking..... "well Alex has talent and I can get it out of him" Which yes maybe he can but I feel Colin has MORE talent and McNabb can help him as well ! I don't think Alex can help Colin besides keeping him on the bench for one season to let Colin Learn. PLUS I really don't wanna see McNabb in a Cardinals uniform that honestly scares me. Our players know how to prepare for Bulger and so does the rest of our division!



#1 Frank Gore

#2   Kendall Hunter

#3 Anthony Dixon

I would Like to see Derrick Locke Here at number 3 but a this point maybe it is just wishful thinking.


#1 Anthony Dixon

#2 Nate Byham

I personally feel that this is the direction we should go in. Dixon is a LARGE MAN. He can block and has ok hands for a FULLBACK. And Byham is an excellent blocker and surprised alot of us with his hands. I don't know if he can carry the ball though. I hate the idea of taking a LB and moving him to FB. And I think Miller has a place on special teams he was Conf USA defensive player of the year I do believe!


Wide out

#1 Micheal Crabtree

#2 Dominique Zeigler

#3 Josh Morgan

#4 Ronald Johnson


#1 Kyle Williams

#2 Ted Ginn

I love Zeigler he has great size and hands and not to mention amazing route running I think he needs to add some pounds and muscle to get off the press but in a west coast offense he seems to have the ideal skill set. As far as the slot goes I wanna see more from William before I pencil him in for good but Ginn's hands scar the crap out of me but then again his speed scars the crap out of every D Coordinator out there. And last but not least here I wanna touch on Crabtree. Look guys I know he has not BLOWN up like we thought he would but when T. Smith was in last year he was BIG, WHY you might ask? Cause T knew Crabs was gonna catch anything in his area code so he THREW him the ball! Crabtree is a WEST COAST WR he catches everything and is AMAZING after he catches the ball.


P.S. Lance Long is my sleeper I think he could be a great slot receiver so that will be interesting to see how that plays out.



#1 Vernon Davis

#2 Delanie Walker

#3 Nate Byham

Really not much to say here Davis is a beast and I think will have another Pro Bowl season and I think Coach Harbaugh will be like a kid in a candy store finding different ways to use the versatile D. Walker (Who I think would start for 60 to 75% of teams in the league)



#1 Joe Staley

#2 Barry Simms


#1 Mike Iupati

#2 Some FA or Wragge


#1 Eric Heitmann ( I think we will Resign )

#2 FA


#1 Chilo Rachal ( pretty sure it will be 6 yr for FA so he will be restricted)

#2 Daniel Kilgore


#1 Anthony Davis

#2 Alex Boone

I don't think there is much to talk about here. I am not sure if Baas would be restricted or unrestricted so maybe we let Eric go if he is restricted but weather he is or not I want Eric back I know some of you like Baas And yeah he played ok but I feel Eric is smarter and better so win win for me. If Baas does come back then let him challenge Chilo for RG. I think the reason Chilo played so much last year was because of how much more athletic he is than Snyder But I think I would prefer Baas at RG and Eric at Center.



#1 Isaac Sopoaga

#2 Demetric Evans

I know alot of you guys are not huge fans of Sopaga. I think he does his job in keeping OL off of our LB's. No he is not a sack master but I think he is a BIG part of out run defense.



#1 Ricky Jean-Francois

#2 FA

This one is the scariest thing to me. I am not sold on Ricky Jean at NT. Franklin did an amzing job at keeping Willis and others clean and able to make plays. But he might be asking for more than we want to pay. Ricky Jean might just make or break this team!


#1 Justin Smith

#2 Ray McDonald

Ummmmm Look Justin Smith is the man ENOUGH SAID


#1 Manny Lawson

#2 Thaddeus Gibson

Yet again like I said earlier I think it will be 6 yr to be unrestricted FA this season so Lawson will be here. And I know he has not been the sack master we want him to be but maybe a blitz happy system will help but, I feel at the end of the day he is one of the BEST cover 3-4 OLB's in the game! And I feel good about Gibson I mean he was beat out by Suggs, Johnson, Kindle and so on and so on! Baltimore knows how to draft OLB's hell they know how to draft in general so he could be something!


#1 Patrick Willis

#2 Keaton Kristick

AHHHHH this position is solid for many years to come NEXT TOPIC!!!!!!!!



#1 Navorro Bowman

#2 Scott McKillop

I want Spikes back but who knows if not Bowman will step in and they say players make the biggest jump from year 1 to year 2. So I hope! He is ready. OH and BTW I WANT MARK HERZLICH. Look guys he was considered a top 10 pick the season before he got cancer. He just needs TIME.



#1 Aldon Smith

#2 Parys Haralson

#3 Ahmad Brooks

This will be an interesting battle i think Smith will win out in the end but still interesting to watch.


#1 Nate Clements

#2 Shawntae Spencer

#3 Tarell Brown

#4 Chris Culliver

#5 Phillip Adams

#6 Tramaine Brock

I really can not say how this is gonna turn out. I don't think unless we bring in a FA (PLEASE DO) that Clements or Spencer will be losing their starting jobs. And after that who knows! Culliver is supposed to have all the talent in the world so we will see what the coaches can do with him.


#1 Dashon Goldson

#2 Colin Jones

Yet again 6 yr to be unrestricted FA so Goldson will be back. And as far as I know and if im wrong let me know Colin Jones was starting at Safety but got hurt earlier this year and didn't play much. But I could be wrong! What I do know is he is VERY fast. If anyone has any info please let me know what this guy is all about. And there was also some talk about Culliver being thought of by some teams as a safety.


#1 Taylor Mays

#2 Reggie Smith

This is also another interesting battle. Personally I would like to see Reggie and Mays out on the field together either in preseason or the regular season or both. But I think Mays will win this battle.



Joe Nedney


Andy Lee


Brian Jennings


If I can count right this is a 53 man roster.

Please let me know your guys opinion I would love to see how other people view our team and our players!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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