Live - Niners Nation Trivia Challenge, Millennium Edition [June 29]


Teekay - 9 (4 correct answers, 5 steals including two half-point steals)

Brianmc27 - 8 (5 correct answers, 1 steal, 1 Fastest Finger First)

Manraj7 - 4.5 (2.5 correct answers, 2 steals); Mikeinsp - 4.5 (2.5 correct answers and 2 steals including 1 steal on his own question - kind of like a rebound!)

Haggardninja - 4 (2 correct answers and 2 steals)

Fooch - 3 (1 correct answer,  1 steal, 1 Fastest Finger First)

J2daZ - 1 correct answer (out of 1 - 100% completetion rate!); Reedkrase - 1 correct Fastest Finger First (100% also); McWagner - 1 correct fastest finger first (100%); Drew - 1 complete correct answer (out of 1 - 100% completion also!)

* the question about who was the tallest player on the current roster (correct answer Alex Boone at 6ft 7in) was incorrectly answered by teekay and both mikeinsp and brianmc27 got the right answer on a steal, and we had an argument over who was first, so I gave a point to both of them for that one … consider that argument settled!)

Here follows the quiz as it happens - next one will be next Wednesday (6 July)

The day is here, men. This bad boy will be LIVE at 1pm Pacific.

It's the second Niners Nation Trivia Challenge and this time, we're talking 2000s.

Last week we played our inaugral Trivia Challenge and, being an experimental first attempt, we tried a bit of everything with questions on a whole range of Niners-related subjects and from a whole range of eras.

Some folks complained that the questions went back too far, and whilst some of our readers are older and know a heck of a lot about the golden days (step forward last weeks' winner ToddCommish and the equally long-toothed Beetle), I acknowledge that some readers are younger and that's why this week's quiz is going to feature 21st century questions only.

So if you want to take part in a live quiz with questions related to the last 11 years of San Francisco 49ers history, stop by here at 1pm Pacific and declare your interest.

Rules and regulations after the jump.

Please feel free to post your name below if you want to take part, or just come in at the last minute and tell me you're here.

We go live at 1pm SF time. That's 9pm for me so we stop when I get tired and have to go to bed!

I'll do a mixture of Fastest Finger First rounds and round-robin rounds.

Please rec this so it goes up top in the Fan Posts.

And last thing - NO GOOGLING! To Google is to cheat in this competition. This is a test of your Niners knowledge, not your ability to keep two screens open. Don't spoil it for yourself and others by cheating, and remember, Bill Walsh is watching you. And, yes, Manraj, he does know about that special website you keep deleting from your browser history before your Mom gets home, and no, he doesn't approve. You dirty boy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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